Campaigning for horse welfare

Our campaigns have been making a difference to the lives of horses for almost 90 years. Download our Campaigns leaflet.

Our aim is to help the greatest possible number of horses, both in the UK and worldwide, by changing attitudes, policy and practice - improving the laws that protect horses and empowering people to better care for their horses. 

Since we were founded in 1927 we have influenced over 50 pieces of legislation, helping to bring about better welfare provision for vulnerable horses. 

Find out more about how we do this below, including our campaign to end the long-distance transportation of horses across Europe to slaughter. You can help by becoming a campaigner and getting involved in our latest action today. 

Horses being transported

Removing the Blinkers 2015

Removing the Blinkers

Many European equines are invisible to Europe's policy-makers. World Horse Welfare and Eurogroup for Animals have released a report which is the first step towards filling this gap.

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Horsemeat Scandal

Horse meat scandal

We need your help to speak out on behalf of horses after the shocking revelations of horsemeat being found in beef products.

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Disease: horse with severe nasal discharge

Campaigning against disease

Contagious disease is one of the greatest threats to horse health - and we are working to help people, governments and sport regulators to help prevent its spread...

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We support the responsible use of horses in sport so long as their welfare is top priority...

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