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world horse welfare international what we do

Internationally, World Horse Welfare is committed to improving thousands of working equids’ lives and their owners’ livelihoods.

Our international programme aims to alleviate the suffering of working horses and improve human livelihoods by sharing essential knowledge with horse owning communities in the developing world.  Working with local partner organisations in sixteen countries across Latin America and the Caribbean, Africa and Asia, we currently run eighteen projects within horse-owning communities, giving owners the knowledge and skills which will empower them to care for their horses in a welfare-friendly manner.

We believe that partnership with local organisations and institutions is the means of ensuring that solutions we propose for welfare issues are appropriate and sustainable.  In turn, we provide these organisations with the skills, capacity and resources to execute well-organised projects that are fully accountable, continuously monitored and rigorously evaluated.



Training service providers

Improving their skills of local service providers such as farriers and saddlers means they can help working horses in their communities for many years to come...
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Farriery and Foot Care

World Horse Welfare's farriery instructors teach local farriers and selected owners to assess, approach and handle horses correctly...

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Working with others

We are therefore pro-active in seeking partnerships, collaborations, alliances or affiliations with other organisations that share our interest in equine welfare and development...

world horse welfare international what we do    

Horse friendly handling

We recognise the vital role that the owner or handler of a working horse has over that animal's welfare.We use a community driven, participatory approach to encouraging horse-friendly handling.

world horse welfare international what we do    


Following years of experience, we are crucially aware of the lack of appropriate diet that many working horses receive, and that the dietary needs of working horses are not wholly understood by their owners.

world horse welfare international what we do    

Business skills

We want our work to create lasting change. In order for our students to be able to help the working horse population in their area, they must be able to make a livelihood out of their new skills. Establishing a business can be daunting for anyone, particularly in countries where commercial infrastructure is only just beginning to develop.