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Welcome to Pony Tails.

Would you like to make a difference to horse’s lives around the world? Join World Horse Welfare’s Junior Club and do your bit to help horses. Be sure to play our games and puzzles below and take a look at our new materials just for you. It’s all free!!!

Would you like to try fundraising? It’s good fun if you know how! If you would like to plan a fundraising event and raise valuable funds to help save horses, click on the link below for lots of ideas on how to get involved and raise money to help horses.

You could put the ‘fun’ into fundraising and host your very own party. If you ask friends or family to make a donation to join the party you could start helping straight away. By asking for 50p per person from 10 friends, you would raise £5 which could feed five horses for a day.

It really is quite easy to make a huge difference!