Saddlery and harness making

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Working horses often suffer terrible wounds and sores caused by overloaded carts and poorly fitting harness and bridle work. Inappropriate materials used by owners to repair broken equipment can also cause further injuries to their heavily burdened animals.

During the training courses our instructors frequently find barbed wire, bent nails, screws, rivets and baler twine being used to hold harness together. Typically, these home-made repairs lead to fistulous withers, chronic abscesses along spinal columns and girth galls, which are often concealed by multiple layers of blankets underneath the tack.

Our qualified instructors work with local leatherworkers, saddlers and horse owners to improve the harness and saddles used within their communities. Working with locally sourced, natural materials, our saddlery team are taught to design, manufacture and fit equipment correctly. Additionally, they can repair and maintain equipment, a huge benefit to owners who are unable to buy it new.

Upon completion of the training, our trained saddlers and harness-makers are able to apply their new skills and knowledge to alleviate the suffering of the working horse population in their area, whilst earning a living for their families.