Payroll Giving

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Payroll giving charity, Assisi, has renamed itself ‘Together for Animals’ to mark its 20th anniversary. Originally named after St. Francis of Assisi - the patron saint of animals, the consortium of five animal charities aims to raise funds for animals in need, both in the UK and overseas.


Together for Animals logoFor 20 years, Assisi has raised vital funds through payroll giving for World Horse Welfare, Animal Health Trust, Blue Cross, SPANA and The Mayhew Animal Home, with all funds being equally distributed between the five charities.

The consortium has more than 5,000 supporters who donate regularly through payroll giving, raising more than £250,000 a year. Payroll giving, or ‘Give as your earn’, is a flexible scheme which allows anyone who pays UK income tax to give tax-free to charities on a regular basis.

To celebrate its 20th anniversary of helping animals in need, the charity has changed its name. It is hoped that by continuing its vital work under its new name, Together for Animals, the charity’s core objective will be much clearer.

Lucy Warnes, Development Manager at Together for Animals, said:

  “Reaching 20years of helping animals in need is a fantastic achievement for us. By supporting five leading animal charities that each help thousands of animals every year, it is impossible to contemplate just how many animal’s lives we’ve been able to change.

“Naturally we started thinking about how the charity was formed, how it is has grown, and where we want to be in another 20 years, so we asked our payroll givers what we could do to enable us to help even more animals.
“The feedback indicated that the name Assisi no longer resonated and didn’t clearly communicate what we stand for. In order to continue our vital work, and inspire more people to support us, we decided to choose a new name that instantly gets our message across. We offer our supporters an easy way to support not one, but five great causes and all the money we raise helps so many different animals in need, both in the UK and overseas. We think that the name Together for Animals really reflects that, and will hopefully, enable us to continue to grow and help many more animals in the future.”       

For more information on supporting the charity through payroll giving, please visit