Training service providers

Cambodia students


We think that it is important to train local horse service providers, such as farriers and saddlers, in the regions where we work. Improving their skills means they can better address the needs of many working horses in their communities for years to come.

Our experts in farriery, saddlery, nutrition and business skills develop courses to address the needs of working horses, which differ according to country.


Each of our in-country teams assess the local needs of each equid owning community supported by the project.  The team then select suitable local candidates to receive training in their chosen discipline, allowing them to use their new-found skills successfully in their communities. Our most advanced students have the opportunity to become assistant instructors on future training courses. This offers great benefits, because these individuals speak the local dialect and can empathise with local issues.

We are also in collaboration with other training service providers such as veterinary universities and government agencies to assist them in work that they do with working horses and teh crucial services they provide to horse owners. Through our work with universities we are able to provide local veterinary students the chance to gain practical, hands-on experience of working with these animals and encourage curriculum development to include animal welfare as part of the veterinary courses, and to give students exposure to the issues related to working horses, donkeys and mules.