Transport Action Plan

World Horse Welfare Transport Take Action


We will continue to campaign, investigate welfare problems and breaches of the law, undertake research and provide training and education in our multi-faceted approach to ending these long journeys by 2027. Below are just a few of the activities on our action plan:



We will continue to press the European Commission to introduce a maximum 12-hour journey limit for horses transported across Europe for slaughter in line with scientific evidence and the recommendation of the European Food Safety Authority.  We will also press for improved conditions and better compliance with and enforcement of the law.

At the same time, we will campaign in Europe, encouraging citizens to write to their Ministers in some of the key Member States that are involved in the long-distance transport of horses for slaughter but have not yet called for the law to be changed.

Field investigations

We will continue our Field Investigations every year to assess the horses rested at control posts and collect evidence of health and welfare problems, as well as any breaches of the current regulation. These investigations are crucial to keep our finger on the pulse of the long-distance trade and understand the challenges faced by the horses as well as staff at the control posts and the transporters themselves. 

Advance best practice and education

We played a leading role in the European Commission project to provide good and best practice guidelines for animals transported within Europe and into third countries for slaughter, using the guidance we produced with stakeholders. We have conducted two roadshows to disseminate this guidance to transporters and plan more. 

Research into horse meat buying habits

We are undertaking consumer research into the motivations and purchasing habits of horse meat consumers and use our findings to inform an awareness-raising campaign.

Press supermarkets to stock more welfare-friendly meat

Working with partners in EU Member States, we will work to influence large supermarkets which sell horse meat to stock only meat from horses slaughtered close to their place of origin and not after journeys of more than 12 hours.

Continue pressure for Country of Origin Labelling

We will continue to press for consumer labelling of horse meat showing country of origin and slaughter, as is already in place for meat from cows, sheep, pigs, goats and poultry – so that horses transported on long journeys cannot be labelled as a product of the country in which they spend only a few hours for slaughter. 

Research into slaughterhouses

We are conducting research as to the availability of slaughterhouses in countries of origin and producers/traders of slaughter horses for knowledge as to fattening, production, timescales, breeding, collection, handling and identification issues.

We will also be conducting research into the welfare of horses transported to the south of Italy and the possible factors that impact their welfare and the quality of their meat.

Together, these actions and more will be build an irrefutable case for change.  Please support us on the final leg of our journey to end these long journeys for good.