Leaving a legacy to horses in your Will - popular types of legacy

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World Horse Welfare has four Rescue and Rehoming Centres situated in the UK which are home to 275 horses at any one time.

Glenda Spooner Farm at Kingsdon, Somerset, Hall Farm at Snetterton, Norfolk and Penny Farm at Blackpool, Lancashire in England and Belwade Farm at Aboyne in Scotland.




Our registered charity number for Scotland is: SC038384

As Scotland has an independent legal system we advise anyone living in Scotland to speak to a solicitor qualified in the relevant aspects of Scottish law when drafting your Will

England and Wales

Our registered charity number for England and Wales is 206658

We would advise anyone living in England and Wales to consult a solicitor qualified in Wills and Probate before drafting your Will

The most popular types of legacy

Pecuniary Legacy
A pecuniary gift is a specific sum of money

Residuary Legacy
A residuary gift is a share or proportion of your estate - the amount left over after you have provided for family and friends, and all costs have been paid out

Specific Legacy
A specific item can be something like a piece of jewellery or a house, shares or land

Reversionary Legacy
If you wish to provide for family members e.g. spouse, but would like World Horse Welfare to benefit later (e.g. your property is given to the charity to help horses following a second death), please consult your solicitor who will assist with drafting the correct terms and conditions

Overseas Assets (to include EU countries)
If you have any assets abroad which you wish to leave to World Horse Welfare to help horses, please contact us as we have access to legal expertise and can obtain advice on how to achieve the maximum benefit to World Horse Welfare and the horses we help both in the UK and overseas

If you die intestate (without making a Will) your assets will be distributed according to intestacy rules.  We have provided a chart illustrating these rules for your information.