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We are raising awareness about and helping people to prevent a growing threat to horses' health: being overweight. 

We all know it's unhealthy for people to carry around too much fat, but did you know this is true for horses too?  Our field officers in the UK and our four Rescue and Rehoming Centres are reporting rising numbers of horses suffering from the consequences of being overweight, not least the chronic and painful disease of laminitis.

With overweight horses a rapidly growing cause for concern, our Right Weight team are on-hand to help owners assess, monitor and control their horse's weight.

  • Can you tell if your horse is the right weight?
  • Are you struggling with a good doer?

We can help you learn how to assess your horse's condition as well as providing practical tips for weight loss and management.

Visit our Right Weight Advice page for details.

To register your interest in any future Right Weight events, please contact Sam Chubbock on 01953 497217.