What We Do

We help horses in the UK and around the world through education, campaigning and hands on care.


Neglect and abuse of horses is all too common in the UK. Sometimes this is due to cruelty, but more often it is because people lack knowledge of basic horse care.  We work to help horses who are suffering, and help their owners improve they way they care for their horses whereever possible. 

running horsesWe offer a national service to report, rescue, rehabilitate and rehome horses - the largest of any horse charity in the UK. Members of the public can call our national welfare hotline 08000 480 180 to report neglected or abused horses. We have a network of professional Field Officers who investigate those reports and carry out rescues, and work with horse owners in their local communities to improve horse care over the long term.

We rehome more horses than any other equine charity in the UK.  We have four Rescue and Rehoming Centres in the UK where we rehabilitate rescue horses and find them loving new homes. These farm centres are open to the public for a great day out horsing around - why not come visit?



internationalWe help working horses by sharing horsecare knowledge and skills with some of the world's poorest communities that rely on horsepower for their livelihoods.  There are around 100 million working equines in the developing world that fuel the economies of countries in Africa, Central America and Asia.  Working horses lead demanding, exhausting lives made worse by the wounds and injuries they suffer through inadequate shoeing, harnesses and nutrition.  Our training teams work with horse-owning communities to identify the barriers to better horse care, teach them new skills and help them better feed and tend to their most important asset.


campaign eye close up

We campaign in Europe and the UK for improved welfare laws to better protect horses. We have a track record of shaping the lives of millions of horses this way since 1927.

We support the responsible use of horses in sport and work with equine sport regulators like the International Equestrian Federation (FEI) and the British Horseracing Authority to ensure the highest welfare standards.