World Horse Trail Farm Trail

The Farm Trail features 20 maquettes - standing at 2hh - with five appearing at each of our Rescue and Rehoming Centres around the UK. The winning designs for our competition for under 16s, judged by YouTube star This Esme, feature in this trail, with one at each farm.

The Belwade Farm Trail

Fairy Dust buttonTheon button











Haiti horse buttonBraveheart button










China horse button











The Glenda Spooner Farm Trail

Primrose button

Emma Seaton sculpture button









Clippy buttonChrystal button










UnNamed Horse button













The Hall Farm Trail

Star buttonHaiti horse button HF










De Boer buttonBig Star button










Freddie button











The Penny Farm Trail

Dalton buttonHope button










Haiti horse button PFMelvin Andrews button










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