Donate in Memory and Tribute Gift Messages

Below are just some of the messages that you have left to your loved ones:

S Hodgkins
My beautiful Lily in my heart forever S Hodgkins 2018

Ms F Quine

In memory of Hector Quine who loved bluebells.

S Hughes
Bev 1961 – 2018
Live well, Laugh often, Love much


Mrs Y Cooper
My Beloved dogs Polly, Buster, Josh, Candy and my ponies and cats. Miss you all god bless.


Mrs C MacCabe
World Horse Welfare Marston RIP 2018, A man with a plan, Catherina MacCabe


Jan Greenslade
Much loved daughter, mother, sister, friend


Mrs Louise Ablett - Pippa

In memory of Pippa, our fiesty welsh pony


P & V Adamson - Hattie, Spike, Ben, Bobby (Dogs)

25 years of love, laughter, fun and games followed by unspeakable heartbreak. We miss our darling dogs so very much.


Mrs M Adkinson and Sarah Adkinson - Alfie

To remember Alfie, a truly wonderful horse, we miss you so much.  You will stay in our hearts forever.


Miss S Ajax-Lewis - Zazi
My Zazi – My friend who lit up my life with his golden spirit and carried me gently and kindly.
Shandy 27.07.85 - 04.09.02
Shandy, my Shandy, dog of my life. Little warm paws, so beautiful. Still loved and missed so much. Aunty XX


Mrs S Alexander - Atamekan - 1990 - 2006

Kaan, who celebrated courage, character and life in all its fullness.


Mrs Norma Allen - Cool Clown

To remember my beloved old horse Cool Clown who shared my life for over 21 years.


Mrs Jane Allin - Our beloved mother

In memory of our beloved mother who loved wild flowers.  Gone but never forgotten.  Jane and Sue.


Anthony Allum - Judy Allum - Died 20.04.2015

In memory of my beloved wife Judy Allum who died on 20th April 2015.  She loved horses.


Miss S R Amner
To working horses, past and present who worked faithfully and tirelessly for human beings. Without such wonderful horses the world would be a very different place.


Mrs Gayle Anderson - Happy Mother's Day

Mrs Gayle Anderson has sponsored 50 bluebells at Penny Farm to celebrate Mother's Day.


Georgina Andrews & Charlotte Sawyers - Saratoga "Rocky", Age 30, January 2011

"Rocky" you were a superstar who gave me my first Royal Windsor win!  A great character who we were privileged to have with us for 23 years.


Georgina Andrews, Charlotte Sawyers & Jane Docherty - Little Red Rooster, Age 26, February 2012

"Rooster" you were a superstar and taught so many children so much especially my daughter Sammy.  We were so lucky to have owned you.


Georgina Andrews - Maria, Age 25+, November 2010

Maria who gave so much pleasure to so many little children.


Miss Jessica Andrews - Top Rhos Tango, Died Age 34, 22nd October 2008
Tango was the most amazing character, he taught and gave pleasure to so many. We all loved him.


Mrs Susan Andrews - Pterocles 1980 - 2010

Grateful thanks to my best friend and guardian, Pterocles.


Anon - In memory of Peter Le Fleming - 25.10.23 - 16.10.14

In memory of Peter Le Fleming.  Top Bloke!  An inspiration to all.


Ms P A Aqui - Misty Disbury
For our dear dog Misty Disbury. Another tree for you to sniff!
We miss you.


Miss J Ayres - Story
Forever missed.


Mrs J Badcock & Miss J Hart  - Maharishi (George)
Our horse, Marharishi (George) touched the hearts of all who met him. He was truly one in a million
Unico (Cody) 2001 - 2012
Happy memories silently kept.  No need for words, we'll never forget.  Forever missed, Forever loved.
Fabiola 2003 - 2012
Time may pass and fade away,
But memories of you will always stay.
Simple words but very true,

We'll always love and remember you.


Miss D Bailey - It's Oscar 1998-2006
Ozzy ‘J’ I was lucky to have met you. See you at the Rainbow Bridge.
Love Debbie x


Mrs Sally Balchin - Florence Rice "Chillie"
In memory on my precious mother, Florence Rice "Chillie".

Your devoted Sally.


Mrs J S Ball - Tebay Boris
Without equal. R.I.P. See you on the other side ‘Boz’


Mrs B J Barber - Merrimans Magic & True Ali
Thank you for the many years of friendship and pleasure that you gave us all.


Ms J Barham - Issa
In loving memory of Issa, Shadow and all of the wonderful horses who have brought me joy thoughout my life.


Mrs Y and Mr T Barnes - George Robert Barnes, 28 years
Greater love has no man than he lays down his life for his friends.
With love from your family and fiancée.


Ms P R Barney - Helen Farrell
In memory of a dear friend and much respected person


Mrs B W Barney - Heidi
In memory of Heidi the most gentle and beautiful of dogs.


Mrs Fiona Barrett -  In memory of Twiglet

For Kerry, in loving memory of the beautiful Twiglet and the wonderful partnership they shared.


Miss S A Baskerville - Cossack (Cossie)
Thanks for fun days in the Pony Club


Noreen and Trevor Bassendale - Alexander & Saracen - Ex Police Horses
You broke our hearts when we said goodbye but our love for you will never die.
God bless our boys. xx


Mrs R A Batten - Bustino Bay (Jack) 1988-1999
You gave us so much. If a horse could be a gentleman, Jack was one. Sadly missed.
Rosemary, Roger and Ben Batten


Mrs C Beatley - Kitty Burgess 26.7.1910 – 20.09.2005
Lived life frugally. Put her animals first. What she died with goes to ILPH, Foal Farm, Dogs Trust and Moonbears.
Our beloved horses and ponies

In loving memory of our beloved horses and ponies, always in our hearts.


Miss K Bell - Cwmgufawr Cathy 1975-2000 & Soondar Tobias 1985-2000
Time has passed by but my memories will always remain – never forgotten.


Mrs Terry Bennett - ILPH William 1989-2011
In memory of ILPH William who gave me so much and will always be remembered

with love, Terry xx


Mrs Beverley Berns - Nickel Alloy (Nicky) - 13 May 1985 – 20 Feb 2007
Nicky (Nickel Alloy) taught us all so much – loved by us all, greatly missed – a fantastic chestnut mare. xx
I have my memories.


Mrs Jean Berry - Mr & Mrs Edmends

In memory of my grandparents, from their loving granddaughter, Jean


Mrs I E Bevan - Caddie (Beaucaddie)
Lent to me – was brave and affectionate. I’ll never forget him and would like his name to be remembered.


Mrs Anne Biddell - David Biddell and our dog Bryher
In loving memory of David and Bryher, always loved and now sadly missed.          
WG. CMDR Barry Stribling and my dear old horse, Tim

In loving memory of Barry and my dear old horse, Tim who was my best friend for so many years.


Mrs Susan Binder - Shamnar Nabiel 1986 - 2017
Best friend for 27 years

Missed beyone words.  Sue


Miss P F Bishop - Little Fellow

My wonderful bright bay gelding who was such a joy to ride. He was my best friend for fifteen years.


Mrs M A Blackburn - Sidney Cox
In memory of a much loved Father and Grandfather from Margaret, Geoffrey, Daniel and Elizabeth
David Williamson 59 years
In memory of David, a friend and colleague, from Geoff and Margaret
Wilfred Blackburn
With fond memories from Margaret, Geoffrey, Daniel and Elizabeth
John Parry
In remembrance of John ‘who loved trees’ from Margaret, Geoffrey, Daniel and Elizabeth
John Blake
In memory of a dear friend, from Margaret and Geoffrey Blackburn


Miss D E Blaxter - An old Co:Op horse
A Cleveland bay, who had a very hard life, rather a sad end, but is not forgotten.
A dear, good dog, found at Euston Station abandoned. Was with me for 15½ years, a faithful companion, greatly missed.


Mrs Jennifer Blenkiron - "Hoss"

To remember my beloved "Hoss". Thanks for a great 16 years, Buddy x


Mr William Board - Jean Board
In loving memory of Jean Board.  Devoted Wife, Mother and Grandmother.
Jean Board

My Jean, no-one could have loved me more and showed it so clearly every day for so many years.  Your Bill.


Mrs Liz Boxall - for Leah, in memory of her beloved horses

Albert, George, Archie and Teddy.  Beautiful boys, loved and missed always.


Mrs C Bowden & Mrs L Younger - Hairy 30 years
In memory of Hairy who gave us 20 years of enjoyment. We will never forget those good times.


Mrs Carol and Mr Denis Brady - Booth and Brady family and friends deceased
In memory of Booth and Brady family and friends deceased.

Mrs C J Brazier - ILPH Jubilee Prince Brazier - ILPH Otto Freeman
ILPH Jubilee Prince Brazier and ILPH Otto Freeman were great mates and ‘old boys’ when they died. Sadly missed.


Mrs H Brewster - Barrie Percival 10.6.1942–28.11.2000
In memory of my father, who was greatly loved and is missed more than he could ever have imagined.


Commodore R Bridges - Helen Bridges, 20 April 2005
May this tree flourish and provide shade and shelter - in memory of Florence and all the others.


Miss B R Brigg - Reproach and Wet Bob
Thank you, Reproach and Wet Bob, for giving me years of pleasure and fun.
Franca - 1983 – 2006
Thank you Franca, such a kind and gentle friend.
Chatillon - 1997 - 2012

Thank you Chatillon for giving me lots of fun and wonderful memories.


Peter and Diana Briggs - Ebony and Larney
Thank you for all the fun and pleasure we had together.  We hope you enjoyed your life with us.

Peter and Diana Briggs


Mrs S Brooks - Kerry
Thank you for all our 20 years together you are the best friend I ever had.


Mr Trevor G Brooks - Derek Charles Brooks, 1923 - 2008
In tribute to one of Dad's Army - "Don't tell him, Brooks!" from the Brooks family.

Mrs Stephanie Brooks - Wim Mertens, 1946 - 2006
In memory of Wim, who is missed by all who knew him.


Mrs P Brown - Shelia
A little madam but so sorely missed
Thank you so much for all the fun.
Jebeth Zaphod Bebblebrox
My beautiful welsh boy.
So much real joy and happiness you gave to me. I sent you all on with all the love you needed to help you find a resting place. You have with you my love and thanks, through all eternity. God keep you safe, my horses.


Miss L Buck - Fosseman
An equine friend for 20 years and much loved.


Ms J P Buckley - NA – O – MI!
When I reach the far flowered fields, will you come?


John & Lorraine Bullman - Foxtail Sally

In memory of our special greyhound, Foxtail Sally, who loved her time visiting Hall Farm.  She will be forever in our hearts.


Miss A S Bunnett - For all my horses

For all my horses who have shared my life.  May they rest in wild flower meadows.


Miss Beatrice Burchmore - Boris Burchmore 13/01/2012 - 15/01/2012

In remembrance of our lost son and grandson.  Boris Burchmore.  You were here for only a short time, just a whisper on the wind.


Mrs F Burns - Twinkle
I will love you forever. Someday we will meet again.
Brenda Burns
To a loving wife and mother
Louise Lloyd
My mother, my best friend.


Ann Burrows - The Moll and Spyce

To the Moll and Spyce.  Thanks for the good times.  Ann, Ian and Becki


Mrs Christine Butler
Fred Goddard - Dear father of Christine. Now at peace 22-7-2014
Thank you for being a great dad.  I miss you every day but you are in my heart now and always.
Vi Goddard - Dear mother of Christine. Now at peace 10-8-2014

Thank you for being a wonderful mum and best friend.  I miss you every day but you will always remain in my heart.


Mrs Carol Butter - Nicholas

In loving memory of Nicholas and grateful thanks for 27 years of companionship, laughter and fun.  Always in my heart.


Mrs Gillian Butterworth - John Michael Butterworth

In loving memory of John Michael Butterworth, 1936 - 2016


Ms C Byatt - Randeck Quest for Pink (ILPH Quest)
Quest was a beautiful Palamino Welsh Cob, a gift from the angels who wanted her back to hack around heaven.


Mrs C Campbell - Sandy
A wonderful pony who gave me hours of happiness in his 35 years, very sorely missed. A great friend.


Miss Jennifer Campione - Gran

In loving memory of Gran, who gave me the most full, beautiful, amazing life I could wish for filled with happiness and love. An inspiriation to all who knew her.


Miss Y Carabine - Bonnie
In loving memory of a special pony with a special place in my heart. I hope we shall meet again.


Mrs J A Carey - Rosabell of Fyvie
A rescued highland mare who became a special and much loved member of our family.


Mrs Jennifer Carling - Desi and Sully

Mr and Mrs Carling have sponsored a Tree in Tribute at Penny Farm for Desi and Sully.  So many happy years together.  Miss seeing you in for field every day.


Mr J Carrier - Bobby
In memory of a beloved friend who taught me much. You are sadly missed and will never be forgotten.


Mrs Margaret Chandler - Miss Susan Linda Chandler, 25 August 1979 - 17 July 2010
Sadly missed as a sister to Alastair, daughter to Jim and Margaret.  Susan loved her ponies/rabbits which she showed.


Mrs Moira Clacher has sponsored a wild flower sowing at Belwade Farm, Aboyne.


Jan Clark - Cheryl Logan  
For Cheryl,
Your memory will live on in the hearts of your friends and the beautiful horses you bred.


Miss A J Clarke
In fondest memory of all our beloved pets and animal friends
Anne and Jane Clarke, Woodford Green


Jane Clarke - Aladdin
Darling Aladdin – most beautiful of horses, truest of friends.  Forgive me if I failed you.
My love always,  Jane. 2007


Miss Lyn Clay - Lorraine Rees

For my lovely niece Lorraine Rees, I hope she would enjoy being remembered in a wild flower meadow.


Mrs V Clayforth - Flag & Squosh
Flag – my beloved horse, he was my treasure, loved and missed forever.
Squosh – my dog, dearly loved companion, much missed and never forgotten.


Mrs S Cole - Autumn Light
My beautiful and beloved friend. You will live forever in my heart and my precious memories.


Sue and Ian Cole
Vlacq Garnet - 23/04/1983 - 12/04/2010
Jim the Cob - 12-07-1992 - 02-06-2009

For Vlacq Garnet and Jim the Cob who loved to stand under the ash trees together.  Dearly loved and sadly missed.


Francesca Collodo - Giuseppe (1939 – 2003) &  Maureen Collodo (1937 – 2001
To my darling Mum and Dad, much missed.  Thank you for giving me horses.


Mrs Joss Conner - Dad

To remember my dad in a way that he would appreciate


Mrs Julia Cooper - Stella

In memory of my dear friend Stella, born in Norfolk she lived life like a wild flower for 97 years.  Bless you Stella and your cats Denis, Whisky and Billy.


Mrs S P Cooper - Gwibedog Siwan
From the Eppynt mountains to the Sussex downs, my best friend for thirteen years.


Miss S D Cooper - Olive Cooper
In memory of my much loved Mum, who was my best friend, remembering the happy times.
Colin Cooper
In memory of my dear brother, much missed and never forgotten.
Misty, Lady and Tiny
In memory of my cat companions with thanks for the joy and comfort they brought me.
In memory of my dear cat Pixie and the 18 years of joy she brought me.


Mrs Angela Coveney - John

In memory of my dear husband, John.  Always in my thoughts, Angela xxxx


Mrs H Culliford

In memory of all the horses that have been in my life; they made me a better person.


Miss G Cumberland - ILPH Ben Tiger
Our gentle little man, ILPH Ben Tiger is gone but will never be forgotten. Missed by his pal, Jaygo. Glenis.


Mrs B Crayford - Jim 33 years
In loving memory of the many happy hours we spent together.
For Jim - Never forgotten


Mr S Crouch
For Harvey and Johnny who changed my life. Forever loved and missed. Simon


Mr and Mrs J Dabbs - Avondale Cream Toffee 1984-2003
A much loved friend and successful endurance horse, having completed 1,400 competitive miles over ten years.


Ms S Dainty - Najat
You will be in my heart forever, my beautiful girl. Missing you always.


Mrs D Darwin - Miss Marple (Katie) 1984 - 2003
You gave me so many years of fun and happiness. The gap you left can never be filled.


Ms Sabrina Davey - Siebe

Zur Erinnerung an den tapferen Siebe


Mr J Dawes - Jan Dawes
In loving memory of Jan Dawes. No one could have loved horses more. Sadly died aged just 41.


Miss S Dean - Gelert
My beautiful lad. Thank you for 27 wonderful years together.


Miss H Deans - Tanya
A beautiful horse. Thank you for all those wonderful memories. I will never forget you.


Mrs Heather Deans - Pat Phillips, my dearest Dad - and for Whisper

In loving memory of my dearest Dad whose greatest joy in life was to ride his beloved Whisper through the countryside, admiring all the wonderful trees and wildlife.


Mrs C Deas - Rhum
Graze happily Rhum in horsey heaven. Many fond memories.


Mrs Ann Deegan - Katie & Lucy
Kate - 16 years

My friend, sweet and gentle Kate, wait for me at Heaven's Gate.
Much missed, Anne, Richard, Derrick and companion Lucy
Thank you for the joy you gave us.  Your lively, loving ways remain forever in our hearts.
Ann and Richard


Ms Ann Dehnel - For my beloved horses and dogs

For my beloved horses and dogs, Beaulieu, Cheval, Costa, Flicker, Kate, Lucy and Heidi.


Mrs Tina Delicata - Den

In loving memory of Den from Nora.  He loved wildlife and the countryside.


Dr and Dr E M Dell’Orbo - ILPH Timmy, Jaylor & Poppy
We will never forget our more than beloved ILPH Timmy and his friends Stella Grace and ILPH Ebony.
Jaylor & Poppy, two much loved horses who tragically died together in a stable fire, were buried together and now graze together forever.
With love from your friends: Dr Dell’Orbo, Bernie, David, Margaret, Helen, Mrs Piere, Caroline, Jane, Lucy and Jane.


Dr Manella Dell'Orbo - Will (Cuffstown Blaze)

To Will (Cuffstown Blaze) the most amazing Connemara that too early went to the green pastures over the rainbow.


Ms S Diggle - Geoff

In loving memory of Geoff


Mrs D M Di Calvert - Dad Fewkes
Tribute to Dad Fewkes, who introduced me to these wonderful animals also Mehdar my British National Champion Arab.

Ms W H Dodson - Sea Pigeon
Happy memories of a great champion and beloved friend. You were a horse unparalled. Always missed by your Slingsby fans.


Mrs M Donaldson - A country gentleman

At Easter, in memory of a country gentleman


Mrs B A Doy - Katie, Flo, Tilly, Joan & Douglas Croxton
Katie –
my horse. Our lovely Welsh Cob. We made a great team. Such wonderful memories of happy hours together.
Flo – our beautiful Irish Wolfhound. All of man’s virtues, none of his vices.
Tilly - our Irish wolfhound
Joan & Douglas Croxton – wonderful parents, remembered with love.


Mrs Gillian M Drinkwater - Eileen & Bill Hancock
In memory of Mum and Dad.


Mrs Avril Dudley - Anthony John Dudley - Died 13 January 2016

Gone to keep Jester, Nella and Max company


Mrs M Duff - Pitfold Janus
To Jay Jay. My best friend. I owe you so much. Thanks for the good times, missing you, my little pony.


Miss Shirley Edge - Lowri Wyn Jones

In loving memory of my dearly missed best friend Lowri Wyn Jones


Miss Patricia Ellice - Eileen Ellice

In memory of my dear, animal loving sister, Eileen to whom animals meant so much.  You are loved and missed every day.  Always in my thoughts, Patricia.


Ms Amanda Emsley - To help horses

Iona & Alice Mottram have sponsored Wild Flowers at Penny Farm to hlep horses, insects and wild life.


Miss Emily and Mrs Michele Emrick

When tomorrow starts without me don't think we're far apart for every time you both think of me I'm right inside your heart.  Miss you always Bailey xxx


Mrs G Enright - 'Bunty'

To remember my lovely mum 'Bunty'.  You will never be forgotten and will always be remembered.


Mrs F Erdelmann - Grietje Wiardi
That Grietje Wiardi’s love and care through these trees may live on in her great grandchildren, Rose and Violet Sperry.


Mrs Diane Erroll - Mike Erroll 1933 - 2015
In loving memory of Mike Erroll.  A true gentleman.

Also Sandy, our beautiful pony


Ms J K Evans - Dizzy, Maddie & Alfie
Dizzy – My dear little girl Always missed.
Maddie - Sweet and gentle
Alfie - Cheeky and fun. Two sterling riding horses. Sadly missed.


Mrs Karen Evans - Peter

To remember Peter who loved animals and wild life.


Mrs Jane Feltbower - Gloria Andrews 1919 - 2013

Although my mother had an allergy to horses, it didn't stop her loving them.


Mr Martin Fiedler - April

O my dear sweet April! The plaque on your tree expresses my everlasting love for you. May God bless you!


Mrs D Fitz-Costa - Robert James Fitz-Costa 3rd March – 15th July 1975
Four short months were all we had, but of that we were glad. A wonderful son, never forgotten. Love Always.


Sharon Fletcher - Lilly Hepworth

In memory of Lilly Hepworth. "Rest in peace, Mum"


Miss D C Flint - Springtime 2004 - 2006
A Brave Soul and true Friend


Miss I Forbes - Carrie & Charro
After 20 years together Carrie died 31.1.01 (age 24). Charro died 9.3.01 (aged 30) six weeks apart. Together now, forever.


Mrs Teresa Ford - Sugar
To remember our beloved Sugar, who touched all of our lives.

Sadly missed Joker, Faith, Adri, Nigel, Amy, Teresa and Family.


Ms Marilyn Freed - Tristan, 1975 - 2008
Tristan, the pony of a lifetime


Mrs Beryl Freer - Dick Relph 22.02.1915 – 23.02.2005
In memory of a dearly loved Dad and Grandad. Forever in our hearts.
God Bless.


Leslie and Rosine Freedman have sponsored Tribute Gifts at Belwade Farm

Donated by Rosine and Leslie Freedman in year 2016!


Miss Jayne Freeman - Pye 1980 – 2007
Beautiful, gentle, free spirited and sometimes grumpy.  I miss you so much, love always, handsome friend.

The Friday Night Gang -Sarah Greenway 31.07.1987 – 07.01.2008
It takes a minute to find a special friend, an hour to appreciate them, a day to love them and an entire lifetime to forget them.

The Frost Family - Kenneth Maurice Frost 1931 – 2005
He had worked horses on a farm, did his best to keep all animals from harm. A loving and caring man.


Julia Mary Frost - Still alive and kicking!
For Ken, all the dogs, all the little ones and me as well when my time comes


Mrs Diana Fry - Mr Bojangle  1987 - 2010
A very special Cleveland Bay


Mrs Wendy Fryer - Kitty D'Amour

Mrs Wendy Fryer has sponsored wild flowers at Hall Farm in memory of Kitty D'Amour


Sam Gannon

Sharing good wishes for horses everywhere.


Mrs Roberta Gant - Richard Gant 02.10.35 - 02.07.2007
God be with you till we meet again, all my love forever, Rob and Jacqui, John, Jessica, Matthew, Judy, Alice, Joseph, Ruth, Steve, Cameron & Finlay


Ms H Garner - Sunshine
You came into my life and left it richer for having loved you. Until we meet again darling. Miss you.
Smirnoff (Monte)
One day we’ll meet again in a snowy forest where joy will return to my heart. Miss you darling.


Mrs J Garnish - Burymead Melody
Melody was a true and honest friend to all our family for twenty seven years. We miss you Mel.


Ms S Gasparini - Travailleur, Friesenkoenig, Himgool, Coffee Bean, Silva, Treasure Trail, Merlino, Picante, Morello, Brick & Duca
In thankfulness for the grace they bestowed and regret for the help I could not give.


The Gedge Family - Harry
A lifetime in our minds - forever in our hearts


Mrs P Gellett - Marmite
Rembering Marmite the "Flying Welshman" How could one small bay pony leave such a large black void? Sadly missed.


Mr A G Gibbs - Julianna Gibbs
Farewell to Thee! But not farewell to all our fondest thoughts of thee; within our hearts shall dwell.


Mrs Stephanie Giles - Penny's Mum
For Penny,
In memory of your Mum
My dearest Mum

To my dearest Mum no longer with us, but loved horses so much.  Missed always. Loved always.  Stephanie xx


Mrs E L Gill -
Pferdi - 32 years  Trotted into my life from the bogs of Ireland and stayed there for 32 happy years
Dinah Ellis - 80 years   A true friend to me for 36 years and a true friend to horses everywhere
Colonel Ken - 52 years   Soldier, husband, horseman…..Nature might stand up and say to all the world, “This, was a Man!”
Beau -  A perfect, kind, handsome gentleman.  Much loved and missed by Debbie and Billie


Mrs Lynda Gillett - John Gillett - 1944 - 1983
In memory of John Gillett,
Always in my heart'

From your loving wife, Lynda


Mr Tony Glew - Dorothy Glew - 2nd April 1920 - 8th May 2010
A loving Mum, Nanna and Great Nanna.  In our thoughts everyday, in our hearts forever


Mrs Sarah Glynn - Herbie
In honour of my beloved Herbie, this tree is given by Wickham Court Farm and The Herbs Trust


Mrs L M Goode - Hamish & Yo Yo
Our memories like these trees are sometimes dormant but gently awoken by Spring and the sight of playful youngsters.
LB - From the day you were born you fought every day courageously. We love you “LB” and you will never be forgotten.


Mrs D Gordon - Alec Gordon
Remembering Alec Gordon cherished husband and Dad. May your spirit find peace amongst all the love at Hall Farm - Diane and Matthew.


Mrs D R Grant - Traceur
Brave and true friend, who pulled our caravan around the world, we salute you. Remembered with love.
The Grant Family


Mrs C R C Gray - Top Lord (Laddie)
A true, faithful friend for over 20 years. Much loved and missed by all who knew him. A lively personality.


Mrs C R Graylen - Menai Welsh Monarch
Not the first, not the last, but always remembered
Saxen Julius Royale (Jex), 10.05.2003 - 13.03.2009
A beautiful horse whose life was sadly so short.


Mrs Sue Gridley - Nonny, Buster, Gibby, Figgy and Charley
Remembering Nonny, Buster, Gibby, Figgy and Charley.  For all who share our lives and make it special, thank you, my little stars xxx
Mrs Sue Gridley - Happy Mother's Day
To our lovely mum, love you so much, David and Sue xxx


Dr J Greatorex - Beau & Gimpy
In memory of Beau the Bold and Beautiful, and Gimpy who was Linda's friend.


Mrs F U Gregson - Rock Saint, Leave it Out, Hidden Valley, Raheen Na More
Rock Saint -
What friend, what memories.
Leave it Out - Winner National Hunt and friend of Hidden Valley
Hidden Valley - Winner over hurdles and fences
Raheen Na More - Friend to Rock Saint and Hidden Valley


Mrs D M Griffiths - Marion Pershouse
In Memory - Remembering the stripping parties – pity it was only wallpaper…
Love Doreen & Harold


Mrs L Griffiths - Dougie, Monty & George
To Dougie, Monty & George our handsome boys who gave us our happiest moments.  So missed but remembered every day.
Love forever, Lynn & Lilian 


Ms Julia Grove - Magic

In memory of my beloved 'Aunty' Magic.  Gone but not forgotten.


Mrs C Gush - Boris Burchmore - 13.1.2012 - 15.1.2012

In memory of Boris Burchmore, son and grandson 13.1.2012 - 15.1.2012.  A little flower, lent but not given, born on earth but blooms in heaven.


K Gwynn - Cwmgufawr Cathy 1975-2000 & Soondar Tobias 1985 – 2000
Time has passed by but my memories will always remain – never forgotten.


Mrs N Hadingham - Ringo 1970-2000
Many of my happiest moments have been spent with my horses. I will always feel greatly indebted to them.


Ms J Hadringham - Speedy (Khalid Saint) 05.03.1981 – 20.12.2006
My beautiful Arab, I still hear you call forever in my heart.


Mrs N M Hall - Silver Duke
Twenty-three years of shared fun and wonderful memories; honouring his outstanding Connemara sense, his huge courage and steadfastness.
Cloudy, beautiful Connemara and family friend, thank you for twenty-three years of gentle, enthusiastic companionship, sadly missed by all the Halls.


Mrs Pauline Hall - Andrew Hall

In memory of Andrew, lover of nature and wild things, from his beloved wife, Pauline and his two good friends Tony and Joan


Ms Roberta Hall - my sister
In loving memory of my sister


Miss M A Hambidge - Eileen Ella Hambidge - Beloved Mother
Thank you Mum for the years we shared. Love and miss you always.
Edward Frank (Joe) Hambidge - Beloved Father
Although we only spent 14 years together before you passed away you always remain in my thoughts. Love you always.
Florence Ella Reeve - Beloved Grandmother
I will never forget the years we spent together – love and miss you always.
Walter George Reeve - Beloved Grandfather
Love and miss you always.


Mr David Hamilton - Constance (Connie)

To remember my mother Constance (Connie) who loved visiting Scotland and snowdrops coming up in her own garden.


Mrs J Hampton - Henry
My 'Big Golden Boy'. Thank you for those wonderful rides and times together – and for my memories.


Mrs E Hare - Kavalier & Zara
My beautiful loyal and trusting friends who enhanced my life and I shall always remember them.


Mrs L C Hargreaves - Master Wilson 1981-2003
16.2hh Bay Gelding. Thank you coming into my life. An irreplaceable, true gentleman.


Mr John Harman - Kim New
To my beloved, darling Kim.  I will treasure your memory and love you always. 
From John


Dr J M Harries - Rustic Lass
Dearest Rustic, thanks for the memories and the pleasure we had together. Our friend forever.


Miss S Harries - Happy, Sabre, Twiggy, Solly (Cloud Solitaire) & Fozzy
Happy and Sabre - Memories of faithful friends to themselves and us. Great characters and inseparable. Much loved and greatly missed.
Twiggy – my soul mate.
Solly (Cloud Solitaire) – Smart, sharp and talented.
Fozzy - Fond memories of a little horse with a big personality, a special friend to Sabre, Happy, Wot and Lil


Mrs J E Harrison - Ginger of Bardister May 1967 – November 1981
In memory of a wonderful wee Shetland Pony, from Shetland. Chestnut/Flaxen Points.


Ms Linda Harron

Has sponsored a Wild Flower sowing at Hall Farm for Margaret McCay


Miss Susan Harsant - My dear pony Rik, 1979 - 2009
To my beloved pony Rik, so brave and beautiful, so kind and gentle, love you always.  Rest in peace.


Mr Gerald S Hartley - Marianne Joyce Hartley 1929 - 2014

In loving memory of Marianne Joyce Hartley, a gracious, generous and beautiful lady.


Mrs Jude Haslam - John

In memory of John who loved Java and had to leave her all too soon, Jude.


Mrs M Heald - Pedro Whitmore Fair Isle & Thor
You are always in my thoughts.


Mrs C Henderson - Cyril Gilbert 1931 - 1995
Always loved, always missed.


Mrs Nicky Higby - Abs

In loving memory of Abs (aka Fat White Pony), some shelter for others who aren't as lucky or beloved.  Thank you for the joy you brought our lovely Ellie.  The Shed x


Mrs J A Hill - Shand Miss & Lownthwaite Rose
Remembering Shandy and Rose. Also wishing the ILPH continued success in helping equines worldwide by education and determination.
Judy and Nick Hill
Hiljon Black Magic (Fell pony) - 1988 - 2009
Remembering you.  A genuine, fun Ride and Drive pony, dam to Tara, Lucy-Vic and Felicity.
Judy, Lorna, Christina and Alice.
Eileen Davis  -  31 Dec 1956 - 20 Aug 2010
A quiet and unassuming person who achieved much in her short life.  Loved and remembered by family and friends.


Sheila Hillier

Sheila Hillier has sponsored wild flowers in tribute at Belwade Farm


Hodgkins, Mac
Our wonderful husband, dad and grandad.
We miss you everyday and you are always in our thoughts and hearts.

Hodgkins, Hipper, Harwood family


Mr and Mrs M Holmes - Charlotte
A pleasure, a treasure, a much-loved friend and companion. Thank you for coming into our lives dear Charlotte.
Our beautiful, proud, brave and beloved friend. You will live forever in our hearts together with all those precious memories.


Mr T C Horner - Mr John Vickers
In memory of Mr John Vickers


Mrs M E Howard - Saxon, Ben & Tango
Thank you for the hours of happiness. You are all remembered and loved forever.


Mrs E Howes - Doug Howes
To my dear husband, sweetheart and Dad. You'll never walk alone as our love is with you always. Ricky and Sue


Mrs N E Howells - Royal Parentage Steady Ben
For the memory of the brave, often sadly abused.


Mrs M A Jacobs - Gladys Ellen Buckett & Anthony William Fry
My dearest Mother who loved horses.
My dear Uncle – who loved life.


Miss J M Jaeger - Mrs Gwendoline Jaeger - 1920 - 2013
In memory of Mrs Gwen Jaeger who gave my sister and I a lifelong love for horses and inspired us also to support World Horse Welfare


Miss N Jakeman - Vera Maureen Jakeman
Mum, may your spirit endure.


Ann James - Bridie and Gem
In memory of two much loved and missed horses: Bridie who would have so appreciated the shade from this tree, and Gem who so loved the beach at Holkham.


Mrs S R Jamieson - Stella & Sam
We loved you so much – both buried with us and greatly missed.
World Horse Welfare Misty - Died 18.07.2013

A very sad end to grass sickness - Misty was such a beautiful horse - we doted on her.  An all-time favourite.


Mrs J R Jarvis - Molly Muir

To remember Molly Muir, a very special little dog.


Kelly Jay - In memory of Hobo
Kelly Jay - In memory of Rupert
Kelly Jay - Joe Craske

In memory of Joe Craske, a lovely man.


Mr Peter Johnson - Laura Johnson, 1925 - 2012
In memory of Laura Johson, lover of horses and trees.


Mrs Caroline Johns-Powell - Mello Bowen-Jones

In memory of Mello Bowen-Jones, age 79 - 10th November 2016.  Best Mum and Granny.  Love you always.  xxx Caroline and Gee


Mrs A Jones - Lucabretski
A living tribute to Bretski who was a wonderful horse thoughout his short life. You are remembered with love always.


Mrs D Jones - Rupert
Rupert, I miss you. I close my eyes so I can see you. I love you so much, always will.


Mr and Mrs G Jones - Willow and all much loved friends
May our paths yet meet in some still woodland glade and joy return to my heart.


Miss Linda Jones - Justin

To remember my beloved dog, Justin.  I will always love you.


Dr R Jones - Rima

1967 - 2017


Miss S A Jones - Grace Dieu (Gracy) & Kelly
Gracy – Thanks for the thrills and spills. Remembered with love.
Kelly – Thanks for the laughs. You were a great character. Remembered with love.


Mrs J Jopling - ILPH Ashford 27 years (1979 – 2006)
For a kind, generous and willing mare
Jeanette, Lyn and Jennie


Mrs I E Kemp - Regal Imp
My tribute is to a horse, the lovely Regal Imp who would have liked to shelter under the tree.


Miss Pamela Kerr - Suzanne Pamela Henwood 21.01.1942 – 20.08.2007
Sue, a truly lovely lady, loved her animals especially horses.  Brave, generous, full of laughter – a wonderful friend, greatly missed.


Mrs C B Kilgannon - Tregony 35 years
Remembering Tregony, a true gentleman and a steadfast friend


Mrs Debbie King - Troy (aka ILPH Lucky)

In loving memory of Troy (aka ILPH Lucky).  You left us on 30.06.13 to cause havoc in heaven!  You'll be forever in our hearts little big man xxxx


Mrs L V King - Shepparton Alexandra
Alex, my first pony "with boots on", who gave hours of riding and driving fun. You'll be fondly remembered forever.


Miss Quita King - Laurence (1981) & Millie (2011) King
Dear brother and sister in law


Mrs J Kirch - Bright Gleam 1968 - 1988, Al Malika 1973 - 1988,
Shriphala 1968 - 1988, Shemmal 1975 - 2003, Azeme Bint Gleam 1976 - 2001,
Mishka Bint Malika 1986 - 2003, Jura (Highland Pony) - 1974 -2003,
Aboud 1982 - living

In memory of all my wonderful Arabian Horses. A Life time of breeding these glorious creatures.

Mrs Katie Lamyman - Emmie - Aged 29 years
In memory of my dear Emmie.  To me, the best horse in the world who gave me such a trust and everlasting love of the beautiful arabian horse.  Run free my friend.
Loubey Lou - 2013 - Aged 14 years
Loubey Lou touched the heart of all who met her.  My beautiful Fell pony.  Run free with Emmie.
Candy - Aged 12 years
Thanks Candy for being Tara's best friend and guarding her secrets until you meet again.  You were more than a Fell pony.  We all loved you so very much.
In memory of my dogs

In memory of my dogs.  Run free faithful friends.


Mr P M Lancaster - Joy Lancaster
In memory of a wonderful wife, Mum and Nan. Forever in our hearts. God Bless
Paul and the children.


Nicole Laugier - Cinnamon
Forever in my heart, never forgotten and loved so dearly still… I love you so much my friend.


Mrs G H Lawrence - Dennis, Kitty, Bambi & Mary
Thank you for being my dear friends. Your trees will help dear horses.


Ms S Lawson - Maggie
In memory of my lovely horse, Maggie (Sunnygate Flyer) may she finally be at peace. Always loved and remembered.


Ms Hilary Legard - G Hugo D Legard 1920 - 1966 and Eve L Legard 1923 - 2013
In loving memory of our parents, G Hugo D Legard 1920 - 1966 and Eve L Legard
1923 - 2013.
From Hilly, also Robin and Joanna Legard
Derwen Red Marvel (Conker) 1978 - 2004
In affectionate memory, and with thanks to a very special Welsh Cob stallion,
Derwen Red Marvel (Conker) 1978 - 2004.

From Hilary Legard


Mrs A M Lewitt - Colin Heynes
A kind and gentle man who encouraged my love of horses.
Thank you Dad, I am forever grateful.


Mr R Litten - my wife

In loving memory of my wife


Miss J Lloyd - Bella Mahal, Magic,Thalia & Tim
Bella Mahal –
My breathtakingly beautiful grey mare. Your speed, courage and good looks live on in your daughters.
Magic – You loved life and cheered me up on the darkest day. The happiest of horses, tragic to die so young.
Thalia – A great cross country performer. Thanks for 20 wonderful years to my ‘Tough as old Boots’ grey girl.
Tim - 1989 - February 2005
Tim, a true friend and companion through good times and bad.  Best ever value for £1 when rescued!
Tom - 13.11.2000 - 22.02.2013
A small dog with a huge character.  Great fun and a great companion.  Irreplaceable.
Broadstone Charade (Chaz) 27.3.91-7.10.14
In memory and appreciation of Broadstone Charade (Chaz) 27/3/91-7/10/14 and the
17 years spent together, covering many thousands of miles.  Miss you and love you forever.
Richard Wignall MRCVS
In memory of Richard Wignall MRCVS. My vet for 15 years especially appreciated for his positive attitude and care of horses. Great memories! Whizzing round on visits eating wine gums and putting the world to rights!
Lulu 1989-2015
In memory of Lulu 1989 - 2015. A brave and loving character who was a Thoroughbred in an Irish Draft body! No more big kisses for me.


Mrs R J Lloyd - Sunshine (By Gan Warily)
The chestnut mare to end all chestnut mares. She gave me the best and worst experiences of my riding life.


Ms Isobel Long - Sean and Marmalade
In memory of my beloved golden horses, Sean and Marmalade.
I miss you every day.

I carry your hearts forever in my heart.


Mrs M F Long - Charlie
A homebred gelding. A wonderful character, sometimes fiery chestnut, but sweet natured – my loyal, beloved friend – forever missed.


Mrs J R Lowe - Solo & Rosie
Remembered with love and affection


Mrs Janet Lucas -  Sausalito (Tia), Eastern Promise, Aunt Julie Dongworth
In memory of my beloved mare Sausalito (Tia), my first mare Eastern Promise (Esta) whom I was fortunate enough to own for 20 years and my dear Aunt Julie Dongworth who died in 1999 and who was responsible for instilling in me my great love of horses.


Mr Johan Luycx - Sandra Carnier, 13.02.2007
Aan mijn liefste Mammie.  Dikke knuffel van Johan en Jeremy.


Mrs E A McGaughey - Joy

Flowers for Joy.  Joy to blossom in the spring and summer sunshine that she loved - living life to the full, always laughing and smiling.  A beautiful inspiration to us all.


Dr A McGranaghan - Hideaway
In loving memory of Hideaway, my best friend for eighteen years.


Mr J McIrvine - Lordy Boy & Hamlet IV


Mr B and Mrs V McIrvine - Josh, Blue Indian, First Knight, Eve & Solo


Mrs C MacKenzie - ILPH Tommy
Treasured memories of my beloved and beautiful horse Tom. My gratitude for your love and friendship, my love always.


Mrs D W McLachlan - Maggie & George
Remembering our beloved horse Maggie who gave us so much fun and George our special dog.


Miss N McLeod - Boston
Only 8 years
Duke 15 years
So gentle yet so stubborn! Such a brave and strong horse. I’ll miss you always x

To be taken away at the peak of our relatioinship will always feel unfair.  Miss and love you always x


Mrs Janet Magness - Hidey 32 Years
My Beautiful "gentle giant". Such a joy to ride and do. Wonderful memories - Thank you and God Bless


Mrs L Mair - Sarab
For my little fairy horse.


Mrs M E Mansfield - Rotherwood Ponies: Honeysuckles Twylands, Troubadour, Gredington Tiwlip, Katie’s Dream, Solway North Wind, Peep Show, Trellech Giselle, Penny Royal, Westacre Concerto & Chirk Windflower
Thank you for the opportunity to perpetuate the memory of much loved ponies from Rotherwood stud through the ILPH Tree's in Tribute.


Mrs Marion Marriner
For dear mum, dad and brother Fred who loved flowers and nature. Gone but never forgotten X


Mrs Marion Marriner - Bill Marriner

For my late husband, Bill who loved horses and all nature.  Gone but never forgotten x 


Ms Ann Marshall - Mrs Ivy Marshall

This area of wild flowers is planted in loving memory of my mother Ivy Marshall, a true animal lover and gardener.


Janice Marshall - Sally
To remember beautiful greyhound Sally who reached the grand age of 14.  She was a regular visitor at end enjoyed her many walks at Hall Farm.


Carolyn Martin - Richard Dack 1947 - 2010

To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die.


Joyce Martin - Freya, Amber & Moonstone
My loyal and constant companions until the end.  I love you and thank you xxxx


Mrs W Maslin and Miss H Maslin - Shane 31 years
In memory of our beautiful Shane, who was so full of character and intelligence. A true friend and loyal companion


Mrs M A Mather - Chance
My friend for fifteen years. I still miss you, thinking of you always.


Mrs C Mathews - Polo 1984 – 1991
Too short a life – but our paths crossed and you knew love, care not abuse – for 3 years. A little Christian.


Mr and Mrs J Mears and Rachel - All our Animals
Jack, Bouncer, Flinders, Mick, Gemma, Pip, Prince, Smudge, Inky
Our four legged friends who meant so much to us.


Mertens-Brooks family - Wim Mertens - 1946-2006
In memory of Wim, who is missed by all who knew him.


Mrs Jean Mews - Cecilia (Cess) Mews
In loving memory of a wonderful daughter Cecilia (Cess) Mews.
Her pony Prince, her dogs Gizmo and Honey.
These daffodils will bring colour in spring.
She passed away March 11/2017.

Love Mum


Mr Andrew Middleton - Brenda Middleton - Died 09.07.2011

In loving memory, Brenda Middleton, 29.12.1946 - 09.07.2011, lost but not forgotten.


Mrs H Miles - Bugsy and Pickle

In loving memory of Bugsy and Pickle, Bichon Frise brother and sister, died in my arms March 9th 2015, you broke my heart.


Mrs P Miller and Sophie - Bamba
Horse of a lifetime. A wonderful friend, super ride and brilliant competitor. Tons of great memories. Thanks


Mrs M I Mills - Coral
Our much loved pony who gave so many people so much pleasure during her lifetime. A true friend and great companion.


Ms K Millward - Beatos
Proud, magnificent and handsome. That's what you were – a stallion through and through. Beatos – You came, you saw, you conquered!


Mr Michael John Minett - Sandra Westlake - 1940 - 2013

With love


Mrs Sandra Mitchell - George, Vi and Jamie Jones

Remembering, George, Vi and Jamie Jones.  God bless all animals x


Mrs L Moon - Brock
Brocky – Thank you for being my best friend and soul-mate.


Judy & Lol Moon - Millie & Arfur - Deceased 2007
Two loyal and faithful friends never to be forgotten – may the angels watch over you.


Mrs B Moorhouse - Millie 1986 – 2004
My best friend.


Miss L Moorhouse - Zahr  Feb 1977 – Nov 2006
“My little pony so skinny and bony”. A lifelong friend who will be much missed.


Mrs Margaret Morgan - All horses and ponies who have helped Berwickshire Group RDA

In memory of all the horses and ponies who have helped Berwickshire Group RDA over the last 35 years.


Ms Dorothy Morrison - Sheila Gordon - A Dear Friend
A dear friend who loved all creatures – great and small.


Mrs Jennifer Morritt - Geoffrey Morrit,  1941 - 2002
In memory of a very dear and loving husband.


Mrs Mary Morrow -  Peter Morrow  1935 - 2007
For my beloved husband, Peter.  You are with me always.  Till we meet again. Mary


Miss S Neesam - Lord William & Cocum Silkstead
Much loved and missed, never forgotten.


Mrs V H Neil - Lucy 1960 – 1990
For my beloved horse, Lucy – love at first sight, love of my life and love eternally.


Miss J K Nelson - Redcap Hollywood
I am pleased to support the ILPH and to have a memorial to Holly, my "Horse of a Lifetime".


Miss A Newman - Rick And Soli
With us through thick and thin. We will never forget the good times we shared.
Ann and Sarah


Miss A Newman & S Bennett - Sparky
Sparky by name, sparky by nature. A little monkey at times, she was a great character and is much missed.


Judy and Sally Newsom Davis - All our lovely horses

In gratitude to all our lovely horses for the pleasure they have given us over many years. Malika, Sherbet, Majesty, Modesty Blaise, Mata Hari, Gigolo, Maple Nina and Maple Venus


Mrs M Newton - Brookfield High Flyer
For my dear Flyby and on occasions Flee. A friend and much loved companion. I will always miss you.


Mrs Vera Newton - Andrew Newton

Many very treasured memories of my late, precious son Andrew, who always picked bluebells for me.


Mrs J Nisbett - Trouble and Mogs and all the animals that we've loved

The Cooper family


Miss K O'Neill
Has sponsored Wild Flowers at Belwade Farm for Anita O'Neill

Has sponsored Wild Flowers at Belwade Farm for Chrystina and John O'Neill


Mrs P O’Neil - Hector
My friend for 19 years. A handsome horse and a lovely character. I hope there is heaven for horses.


Zara and Sarah Oakley - Jazz 1993 - 2014
In memory of our awesome Jazz 1993 - 2014 who taught us what it is to be owned by a horse.  Always with us. 

Zara and Sarah Oakley


Miss Nicola Owen - Supertramp - 31 years
A great companion, cheeky chap, true gent.  It broke my heart to lose my best friend, a wonderful horse, missed greatly.


Mr and Miss S Owen & Miss N McLeod - Boston
You made such a huge impact. I miss you as much today as I did the day you died. Boston So big and yet so gentle. So independent but still so attentive. It was an honour. I miss you my friend.


Mrs Sandra Pakos - Geoffrey Pexton
In loving memory of our dad Geoffrey Pexton (24/09/1922 - 22/12/2014). 
Always in our thoughts, forever in our hearts.
Much love from your daughters,
Sandra and Jennifer
Our companions that are no longer with us:
In loving memory of our companions that are no longer with us:
Toby, Tiga, Mandy, Suzy, Ginny, Rosie, Tiffany, Sydney, Leslie, Topsy and Emil.

Forever in our hearts, Sandy and Lampros


Mrs Barbara Paley - Samantha Paley
In loving memory of our wonderful daughter, Samantha Paley
David Paley

In memory of David, husband, dad & grandad.  Loved and missed.


Mrs E Parry - Jolly 12 years
Our treasure, our beautiful tri-colour Cavalier. Lovingly remembered.
Fraser (12 years) & Compton (11 years)
Many years of constant joy and companionship from our two Cavaliers –
Tri-colour and Blenheim. Lovingly remembered.
Pudding 15 years
An adopted Shih-tzu, great character, such fun.
Nessie 17 years
An adopted Papillon – so sweet, so loyal, lovingly remembered.
An adopted Papillon – beautiful, loyal, intelligent.
On her 50th birthday (2011) - thank you for everything you do for me.  Fondest love from Mummy xx


Mr G Patston-Lilley - Doris Hilda Lilley
My dear Mother, lover of horses, devoted to their care and welfare. A life member of the ILPH.


Mr Jason Pearce - Mrs Jude Pearce

Happy Valentine's Day xxxx


Miss J Peavot - Jamie
In memory of my old horse Jamie. My best friend who was always there for me.


Mrs C Peel and family - Arthur and Patricia Smith
Arthur and Patricia Smith.  Loving Mum, Dad, Nana, Grandad.  They loved horses.
Love from Glyn, Julie, Ivan, Charmaine, Cherry and Dale


Ms Josie Pepper - A very dear friend

In memory of a very dear friend who loved the animals.


Mrs L Perkins - Belle Baroness & Legacy
Belle Baroness – The most courageous, but un-luckiest mare that ever lived.
Legacy – a brave foal.


Mrs L R Pettersson - Kurt Herman Pettersson, Thomma Purr & Fatso
I waved goodbye to Sweden and left behind my best friends. Now I have a tribute to remember them.


Ms J Phillips - Cabinet Shuffle (Darby)
Remembering our beautiful Thoroughbred mare, lost to us in a terrible accident. Always in our thoughts.
Betty Rowe
The best Mum a ‘horsey’ daughter could have. Thanks for tolerating the mud, muck, dirty boots. Miss you


Mrs D Phillipps - Jaffa
You were the best horse. Miss you.


Mrs M Phillips - Champagne Sparkle
The truest friend I have ever had. He made me happy if I was sad. Will miss him forever.


Mrs B Pitt - Beauty and Beau
In memory of two very special horses and two very special friends united in heaven. Good Night – God Bless.


Mrs C Platts - Mark Ashton
A friend who died too young, before his true potential and ability with his horses could be realised. Never forgotten.


Mrs Frances Plume - Red and Arnie
That was a memorable day to me, for it made great changes in me. But, it is the same with any life. Imagine one selected day struck out of it, and think how different its course would have been. Pause you who read this, and think for a moment of the long chain of iron or gold, of thorns or flowers, that would never have bound you, but for the formation of the first link on one memorable day.


Mrs H M Plume - Cecil Plume - 80th Birthday

Some people make the world more special just by being in it.


Mr and Mrs M Porter - Silver Spruce
In memory of the perfect horse – who died so young – sorely missed – happy memories.


Mrs G R Pope Powell - Tommy, Sweetie and Mrs Ruth Pope
Always remembered


Poplar Farm Livery Yard Clients - Horses and ponies worse off than ours!
Thanking the ILPH for all it does, and for a superb competition venue at Snetterton


Miss Price - Fergus
Dear Fergus, Thank you for being my life for the twenty eight years we shared, miss you so, with much love
from Ann.
Kieran Kelly
In memory of Kieran Kelly, jump jockey and all jockeys for whom the luck ran out.


Ms Helen Punchard - Hylda Meston  5th July 1943 - 25th January 2013
She enhanced the lives of those she touched and now her spirit is at peace.


Miss V Ravenscroft - Hartley Hill
In loving memory of a real character.


Ms A Read - Virginia Huddart
One year on and I miss you so much, my best friend. With this tree you continue to help others. Love Alyson


Mrs Lesley Reay - Pippa 28.9.96 - 14.9.10
Our much loved dog, who loved this walk with her Dad.

Ms P Redmond - Barnaby
To Barnaby, my beloved equine friend. You taught me love, laughter, patience and nobility. You are missed every single day.


Mr & Mrs M Reynolds - Hugme Henry 13 years
Kind patient, complex and so very special to ride. Adored by all those lives he touched.


Mrs A L Richardson - Jan Dawes
Unselfish, caring, sweet, kind, A true animal lover. A wonderful friend Jan. The world is a sadder place without you


Mrs J M Richardson - Hettie Richardson
Much loved, long haired miniature dachshund. Loyal, loving, bossy and demanding. Very much missed.


Miss Sandra Richardson - Valerie

Sandra Richardson has sponsored Wild Flowers at Belwade Farm for Valerie


Miss I R Ricket Wolfe - Titania & Henrietta
In memory of my two Blue Persians ‘Titania and Henrietta’ who gave me more pleasure and love than almost anyone.


Miss Lynda Rivers - Murphy

Murphy, if I could have a lifetime wish, one dream that would come true, I will pray to God with all my heart, for YESTERDAY and YOU.


Mrs Marilyn Roberts - Gordon Allen, Bill Palmer, Miz Western

In loving memory or my dad Gordon Allen, Uncle Bill Palmer, Aunty Miz Western.  Missed this year and every year.


Mr P & Mrs S Roberts - Mary Elsie Roberts 28.04.1921 – 09.04.2006
Mum, a very special lady who will be greatly missed but never forgotten, with love always.
Paul and Sharon
Baron 19 years 1980 - April 1999
Baron, my best friend and teacher missed deeply but remembered every day; the chestnut country legend.


Ms B Robertson - Rowena
‘Rowena’ our very special and much loved niece and her horse ‘Lorenzo’


Mrs C Rose - Sabre
You were a very special horse, a good friend and companion for 32 happy years. We miss you.


Mrs J Sach - Zara
We have not forgotten, we never will.
Your picture hangs in the tackroom still – A wonderful horse – now free.
Josephine 1980 - 2013
Sense of humour, high IQ.  Oh Josy, we did love you.

The Sach family


Mrs T Salmon - Country Fresh (Jenna)
Horse of a lifetime, friend for eternity.


Miss K Sanders - Pride of Kington (Joshua) May 1989 – Jan 2005Joshua – Thank you for all the fun memories, you are sadly missed and will be forever remembered.


Helen Savill - Amy

To remember my beloved horse, Amy, my best friend and companion who was a major part of my life.  In my heart always.


Mrs Christine Schofield - Bruna Hardman

In memory of Bruna Hardman, a warm and generous Italian lady who loved England, her adopted home.


Mrs P Sequeira - Honeymoon
Beloved pony. Barely broken when bought. Gave years and years of happiness and friendship. Died bravely aged 34. Still mourned, never forgotten.


Ms Julie Seymour - Fred Seymour, 21.09.1924 - 08.01.2009
In memory of Fred Seymour, father, grandfather, great grandfather and always a supporter of the Charity and horses.


Mr Mike Shadwell - Mrs Nicky Shadwell

In everlasting memory of Nicky Shadwell who loved all animals


Mrs Lynn Shea - Lilian Poulton 28.08.1923 - 16.01.2016
In memory of Lilian Poulton
My wonderful mother
In memory of my wonderful mother on this Mother's Day.
Mum this tribute is for you as you loved flowers and horses so much.
Always in my heart, Love Lynn x


Mrs B J Shepherd - Scruff, Beb & Shep
Our beloved cat Scruff, my sister Beb and dear husband Shep. Much loved, sadly missed.


Mrs A E Sims - Blue Angel
In memory of Bluebell. Time passes but memories last for ever. Loved and remembered every day.


Ms Sue Sims

For all those animals who die suffering unnecessarily in the service of mankind.


Mrs G S Simms - Mr William Pickles
Memories of a true and honest person and a wonderful Stepfather, greatly missed.
With love, Jill


Mrs J F Small - Janet
For country-loving Janet, from horse-loving Julia
For lifelong friend Peggy, who loves flowers, from horse-loving Julia
To Janet, Who listens to my horse stories...
For Janet

Thoughtful friend so very much "on my wavelength"


Ms J Smilson - Harvey
Dear old friend, loyal, devoted and true. How we miss you. Gone forever but always in our hearts.


Miss Elaine and Miss Viv Smith
To remember the beloved horses and dogs who have shared our lives over very many years.
To Ken and Anthea with grateful thanks for your friendship and for Ken's care for our horses and dogs.

To Monica and Dave with many grateful thanks for all your help and friendship.


Miss L Smith & Mr T Nicholls - Soltie
My beautiful, gentle boy. Lovingly remembered as you happily graze the eternal pasture beside your best friend Cassie.
My best friend for 19 years. Always in our hearts as you happily graze the eternal pasture with Soltie.


Mr Malcolm Harvey Smith - Mrs Hilary Nell Hamilton Smith - Died 03111.2013

That my dear wife Hilary possessed these four great virtues: Courage, Selflessness, Modesty and, Integrity made me feel honoured to be her husband.


Mrs C Snowdon - Grace Snowdon
Sleep tight our precious little angel. Always in our hearts.


Mr and Mrs J Southam - Mrs Dilys Catherine Ashworth
In loving memory of Dilys Ashworth. Thinking of you always.
Son, Daughter and family


Carleen and Verity Spargo - Romeo
Live in memory “Romeo”. We share so many happy moments, golden recollections, ever close in mind and heart.

Spotty, you will always be remembered for your kind soul.  Verity x


Mrs M A Sparksman - For all my animal friends
Greatly loved , much missed, made the good times even better and the bad times easier to bear.


Ms Anastasia Sparrow - Patricia Tucker - 1933 - 2014
In memory of Patricia Tucker


Mr Colin Spennock - Susan L Porter
In loving memory of Susan Porter, my partner of eleven and a half years. 

Born 12.06.1954 - Died 06.07.2015.  Sadly missed.


Margi and Pete Stainer - Our beautiful Poppy
Our beautiful Poppy
Who will be missed every day and remain in our hearts forever

Margi and Pete Stainer 2015


Ms Margaret Startup - Sophie and Emma

In memory of Sophie and Emma and loved ones who have enriched my life.


Mrs G Sterling - Bassy & Jolly
Dear Bassy. Always here in our hearts, we still miss your gentle ways.
Jolly. We will always miss your crazy naughty ways, still expecting you to be hiding around the corner.


Mrs Jean Stewart-Coxon - Jennifer and Andrew

Jean has sponsored Wild Flower sowings at Belwade Farm for Jennifer and Andrew to celebrate their wedding there on the 12th August 2017.


Mrs A E Strachan - Blue and Tara
Happy Memories of Blue the gentle giant and Tara the faithful little mongrel.


Mrs V G Sweet - Freya
You are remembered every day with love and fond memories of the hours we spent together over the years.
Darling Tilly. You are the best horse that I have had, the pleasure of knowing your most welcoming greeting, knowing your companionship, our rides together, secrets we shared, you are a treasure.
All my love, Vera.
Percy Goves
From the families of Sweet, Martin, Reehall and Knight
Aunty Grace
In memory of Aunty Grace, may she rest in peace.  Love Vera, Joyce and Dot
Kandie, Sadie and George
Also in memory of Kandie, Sadie and George, miss you, with love, Vera


Mrs Hazel Symons - Anne Pierson


Mrs C F Tatum

In memory of her mother Elsie Kettle


Mrs Andrea Taylor - Mrs Barbara Perry-Smalley 1916 - 2006
In loving memory of my mother, Barbara Perry-Smalley whose great love of horses spanned her lifetime.


Miss M R Taylor
In fondest remembrance of my dearest parents, Aunt, Animals and Animal friends.
Love and miss you always.
Yours Margaret Taylor


Miss C Tellett - Eric Marsden & Sultan
Eric missed daily by his family, busy looking after Sultan and his unborn grandchild. We will all meet again.


Ms Edna Mae Thomas - Dilys

R.I.P. Dilys


Derek and Julie Thompson - Michelle
Happy Birthday, Michelle
With love from,

Julie, Derek, India and Hugo


Mrs M T Thomson - Miranda
Remembering a good and trusty friend and those days we shared together across Dartmoor and the beautiful Chiltern hills.


Miss N Thorne - Desert Sand
A brave mare who deserved so much more. Remembered forever by all who tried to save you and get you justice. Nicky and Ted


Mr and Mrs E Ticehurst - Mrs Alex Garrett
Our memories of happy times with you remain constantly.
Love from Kath and Ed and Elsie’s family of Ray and girls


Mrs R Tindall - Snowdrop

In loving memory of our beautiful cat, Snowdrop who tragically was killed on 17th October 2008


Rebecca and Emma Toogood - Eunice Mellors

In memory of our Gran, Eunice Mellors.  With Love


Mrs V E Toone - Yswain Royal Oak
Oak my dearest, still missed, still loved. You are always in my thoughts. Thank you for all you gave me.


Mrs P A Trumper - Toby (Berkshire Boar)
Dearest Toby so sadly missed but such a comfort that your memory lives on by helping horses, your greatest friends.
Gordon & Gregory
In loving memory of two very special pet Berkshire pigs.  Great characters and wonderful friends.  Sadly missed and never forgotten.
Rodney - Born: 17.07.2010 - Died: 10.12.2014

In memory of a much loved pet Berkshire pig who was a dear friend and who will be missed and remembered always.


Mrs E M Turner - Mr W Evans (Bill)
Always in our thoughts
Bill and Pippa


Mrs J Twinn - Lulu
You gave me so much pleasure. Thank you.


Mrs Julia Upton - Freda Ryan - 1930 - 2014
In loving memory of Mum.  Rest in peace


Mr T Upton - Maureen Elizabeth Upton
My beloved wife, Mother, Nana and Friend whose memory lives on through eternity.


Mr and Mrs M W Wade - Benji
A very dearly loved hound whose company gave us so much joy and whose passing left us the poorer.


Mrs B H Walkinshaw - Mystery Spirit, Walk on By, Boston & Walk on Cloud
In memory of all our four legged friends who gave so much joy to our lives and are never forgotten.


Mr and Mrs N Walkinshaw - Jumby 26.8.92 - 15.4.05
Lovely big boy with the kindest of natures


Mrs M Wall - David Shepherd 1938 – 2004
In loving memory of a much missed Father and Grandfather.


Major Malcolm Wallace - Doctor Sebastian, Kingstroop RHA Charger
A horse in a million – never refused from novice to Badminton and was steady on parade for fifteen years.


Miss Catharine Jane Walsh-Moore - Jess Casey 1995 - 2010
For our best friend Jess, thank you for all your precious healing love.  Forever together.
All our love Catharine and Mam


Mrs F M Y Warden - Tawny Pendragon
A starved baby, given to me, blossomed into our courageous friend, companion and exciting ride. Dearly loved, forever in our hearts. Yolande, Claire and John


Karen Wells - Dawn
Karen has sponsored Wild Flowers at Penny Farm

To celebrate her daughter Dawn's 30th birthday on 25th March 2016


Mrs Polly Wells - George, Jazmin, Tigga, Whilla & Charlotte
To all of you, we remember you with love for the joy you gave us and always will

Bob & Gilly Myers
To Bob & Gilly,
A lasting tribute to your marriage.
Love Polly, Simon, Lydia and Mason


Miss G West - Sacha
Thanks to Sacha, my first horse, a whole new way of life opened up for me.


Mrs C E Wheeler - Helen Grace Blanchard 2.11.43 – 18.6.04
Remembered for her love of nature and her concern for us all. Friends Forever.

Christine Goss March 1946 – March 2006
A lovely friend, always excellent company. Remembered with great fondness.


Mrs B White - Sable 1978 – 2005
Sable, our brave little horse, we loved you very much and we miss you enormously.


Mrs C O J White - Ebony
Love to my best friend Ebony and thinking of all the fun we had together.


Miss J M White - Merlin (Honeywood Merlin)
Enthusiastic and willing, you gave so much in leisure and competitions, including seven riding club championships, much loved by all.


Dr Kathryn White - Ian White
In loving memory of my darling husband, Ian. You will be in my heart forever.
Until we meet again,
Moose White - 2002 - 2014
A beloved equine friend who gave a lot of joy in the short time he was with us.
Wilbur White

Gallop free, wise Wilbur


Jane Whitehead and Jane Allan - Sqwiggle

With fond memories of Sqwiggle.  One in a million. 


Mrs A E Whittington - Bod
In memory of Bod, who enriched my life for 34 years. A loyal friend forever missed.


Mr Douglas Wilcox - Joyce Wilcox - 28.08.2014
In loving memory of Joyce, who had fond memories of Penny Farm.

Doug, Stephen, Paul and grandchildren


Miss G Jane Williams - WWW & KBW
For being wonderful parents to Jane


Mrs Michelle Williams - Roo - 1999 – 2007
I will always treasure the short time we had together. You will be fondly remembered by all that met you.


Miss V J Williamson - Khasson, Kelly, Little Polly Perkins & Quizzy
We have lost our beloved friends, but with Trees in Tribute can visualise less fortunate ILPH equines enjoying shelter.


Mr Ronald Willis - Barbara Willis - 10.05.1930 – 22.08.2007
In memory of Barbara Willis my wife of 54 years, Mother of Geoff and Sally. Sadly missed,


Mrs Sue Wiseman - Misty

For my old Misty who loved rolling in the daisies


Mrs Dawn Witney - Brian and all my boys
We had such fun together, didn't we?  So many happy memories that will never fade.
All my love, Dawn xXx
Daffodils always were your favourite flowers, I hope you enjoy watching these dancing in the breeze at Hall Farm as much as I will.


Ms D Wood - Jamie
Jamie, you and I, companions without words, my sorrow at your sudden loss has no end. Miss you always…


Mrs Patricia A Woodcock - Jason - 1972 – 2007
Thank you Jason -  my horse -  for 33 years.  We enjoyed friendship, loyalty, happiness and adventure.  I miss you so much…


Miss C Woollard - Charlie
A gentle friend who taught me so much. Always remembered with love and affection.


World Horse Welfare - for Barney - 1993 - 2010
A small pony with a big heart, he was loved and appreciated by all who knew him.

Mrs J Yeomans - Santis 1986 - 2005
A very special friend.


Mr Archie Young - The Young and Canwell families
Forever, let there be life, as there's always more to see.


V Heany
Happy Birthday Mum, Bronte has planted Wild Flowers in memory of Jersey xxx