The Morning Feed

Morning Feed Horse Cake

Could you host a Morning Feed Fundraising event and help World Horse Welfare reach more horses in need?

Morning Feed Register

A Morning Feed is a celebration of everything horsey, from cakes decorated like horses to food and drink inspired by horse feed ingredients. Holding a Morning Feed event and having a slice of cake with your friends is a great way to raise valuable funds to give horses a better future.

Register below for a fundraising pack full of ideas, inspiration and materials or call our friendly fundraising team on 01953 497239. Our recipe cards, event guidance and icing stencils are there to make your event and bakes even more horsey.

World Horse Welfare helps horses in the UK and around the world through education, campaigning and hands on care. The money you raise will help us to rescue and rehabilitate more horses and give them the second chance in life they deserve.

Morning Feed Recipes

If you have your own baking ideas then that's great, but we've also got some recipe cards for inspiration! Each of our four Rescue & Rehoming Centres and some of our patrons have given us their favourite recipes to help you get started.

Click on the images below to see each recipe.


Jane's Apple FlapjacksHall Farm's Morning Feed Glenda Spooner Farm's Morning Feed Lee McKenzie's Healthy 'Cool Mix' Granola

Belwade Farm's Morning Feed Pippa Funnell's Healthy Granola BiscuitsPenny Farm's Carrot CakeWorld Horse Welfare Emily King