• Youngster
  • Somerset
  • Gelding
  • 3 years old
  • 12.2hh
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Meet Bertie

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Bertie is now ready to find a new youngster home and has the potential, in the future to be backed as a small riding pony or to begin driving. As with all youngsters, Bertie will need consistent handling to ensure his education on the ground is maintained but, for now, he could happily live with other ponies on the same restricted grazing management as a companion or, when settled, do some agility or in hand showing. He is very sweet and curious and knows all about his basic handling tasks. He is used to having company which will be important in the home. Although he lives out, Bertie has spent short periods learning about standing in a stable and is comfortable with this so long as he has a hay net to keep him occupied. We would love to find a home for Bertie with someone who has had youngsters before and is looking for a project to start from the ground towards ridden or driven work when he is old enough.

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Important stuff

Bertie could be worked in the future.


Bertie came in to Glenda Spooner Farm in the winter of 2019 with several other ponies as part of a welfare concern. He was successfully rehomed for over a year and only returned due to a change in his rehomers circumstances

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More about Bertie

Breed Cob
Colour Piebald
Type Pony
Stabling/Shelter Can live out all year with shelter
Turnout Geldings only
To catch in the field Excellent
Hay/Feed No additional feed required
Feet Unshod, good to trim
Rugs Doesn't need a rug
Behavioural considerations Typical friendly, curious youngster who responds well to quiet consistent handling.
Health considerations None
Bedding Straw or shavings
Rehoming fee(£) 50

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Bertie is at Glenda Spooner Farm, Somerset

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