• Project Horse and Pony
  • Somerset
  • Mare
  • 4 years old
  • 14.1hh
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Chelsea is looking for a new home as a project with the potential to be backed as a ridden pony when she is ready. We would be looking for an experienced home for her where she can follow a physiotherapy strengthening program and then start work on the ground up towards being backed. She has a lovely nature and despite her young age is well established with her basic handling. She is good natured in the field and we would want her to have companionship, which could be mares or a well mannered gelding. She will need her grazing monitoring to prevent obesity and laminitis but can live out all year if needed. She has learnt to stand in a stable quietly so this could be part of her routine in a home. PLEASE BE AWARE CHELSEA WILL HAVE MAXIMUM RIDER WEIGHT OF 8 1/2 STONE.

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Important stuff

Chelsea could be worked in the future.


Chelsea came in to our care in 2019 with several other mares. She was underweight, unhandled and pregnant with a large hernia protruding from her side. Chelsea had her foal successfully and once the foal was weaned, she was able to start her own rehabilitation. Chelseas hernia was successfully operated on and she is now ready to find a new home as a project pony.

More about Chelsea

Breed Cross-breed
Colour Bay
Type Horse
Stabling/Shelter Can live out all year with shelter
Turnout Will mix with mares & geldings
To catch in the field Excellent
Hay/Feed May require extra forage - grazing dependent
Feet Unshod, good to trim
Rugs Has never worn a rug
Behavioural considerations Very sweet natured and good to handle.
Health considerations None
Bedding Straw or shavings
Rehoming fee(£) 50

Chelsea is at Glenda Spooner Farm, Somerset

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