Horse rehomed
  • Project Horse and Pony
  • Aberdeenshire
  • Mare
  • 4 years old
  • 14.1hh
Horse rehomed

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Meet Butterscotch

Headshot of Calderberry Sparke - white horse with head collar on
Horse rehomed

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Butterscotch came into Belwade as part of a welfare case with multiple other horses. She was a nervous and timid little youngster when she arrived and had not seen much of the world. Since working with her groom, she has come on leaps and bounds and is now one of the most inquisitive and affectionate ponies on the farm. Butterscotch is still nervous of needles but is well behaved in all other ways with the vet and farrier. Butterscotch also has a history of seedy toe, so her feet will need to be monitored and she may eventually need shoes. She loves coming in for a groom and a pamper, along with a good scratch behind her ears. As Butterscotch has now turned four, she has been assessed by our vet and they feel that she is at the stage where she could start some gentle groundwork. But due to her stature and that she has taken a little more time to mature, Butterscotch will need to be built up slowly, with a maximum rider weight of 65kg. Butterscotch is very intelligent, and it does not take her long to learn new tricks, her favourite is giving everyone kisses, sometimes on her own accord, so expect a lot of kisses. Butterscotch is currently not on any restricted grazing, but her weight will need to be monitored as she gets older. If you think you can offer Butterscotch a home, please apply for her online.

Headshot of Butterscotch

Important stuff

Butterscotch could be worked in the future.


Arrived with multiple other horses as part of a welfare case

More about Butterscotch

Breed Welsh Cross
Colour Grey
Type Pony
Stabling/Shelter Can live out all year with shelter
Turnout Will mix with mares
To catch in the field Excellent
Hay/Feed Hay during the winter
Feet Unshod, good to trim
Rugs May need turn out rug in winter
Behavioural considerations Very sweet temperament and loves attention
Health considerations None
Bedding Any bedding
Rehoming fee(£) 50

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Butterscotch is at Belwade Farm, Aberdeenshire


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If you have any further questions or need guidance with our rehoming scheme please visit our Help Centre.

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Headshot of Butterscotch
Horse rehomed

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