• Project Horse and Pony
  • Somerset
  • Gelding
  • 8 years old
  • 12.3hh
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Meet Merlot

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Merlot is ready to be rehomed as a project pony with the potential to be brought of as a driving pony in the future. Due to poor conformation along his back, he would not be suitable for ridden work. Merlot has started his work on the ground and is learning to lunge and he has walked in hand really confidently round our local village with other ponies. Merlot would need a home with other geldings as he was a stallion on arrival to the centre in 2022. He is very good to handle and extremely inquisitive. He does need restricted grazing and this will be important in the home to manage his weight. As part of a routine, he could stable part time if required. We are looking for someone with a thorough experience of bringing ponies on with ground work with a view to driving him in the future.

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Important stuff

Merlot could be worked in the future.


Merlot came in to us as a stallion with a group of ponies due to their owners health deteriorating.

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More about Merlot

Breed Welsh Cross
Colour Grey
Type Pony
Stabling/Shelter Can live out all year with shelter
Turnout Geldings only
To catch in the field Good
Hay/Feed No additional feed required
Feet Unshod, good to trim
Rugs Rug requirements dependent on season
Behavioural considerations Very sweet and inquisitive
Health considerations None
Bedding Straw or shavings
Rehoming fee(£) 50

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Merlot is at Glenda Spooner Farm, Somerset

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