Through kind donations we have been
helping horses for nearly 100 years

Through kind donations we have been helping horses for nearly 100 years

Through kind donations we have been helping horses for nearly 100 years

Horses are starving in Senegal

Horses are starving in Senegal

Climate change is causing Senegal’s working horses and donkeys enormous suffering. Will you help us reach them?

£10 could take our equine education programme aimed at children to a whole community in Senegal.

£25 could enable us to work with owners about the horse-human relationship, with a focus on water, nutrition and handling skills.

£50 could launch a nutrition project that will develop sustainable crops that will feed working horses and donkeys.

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Watch our Senegal documentary

Our Senegalese Project Coordinator spent time with the nomadic Peule to learn about the challenges they face and the welfare implications the climate emergency is having on their precious working equids. Watch our insightful documentary to discover how your support can help redress the balance, giving this community and their equids the chance of a better life.

Over the last decade the climate has warmed by more than one degree. Here in the UK, this gives us warmer summers, but in Senegal, the damage of climate change is having a huge impact on their communities and horses.

Desperate to find grazing, communities are constantly on the move. Over the past ten years, what started out as weeks of travelling, has now progressed to eight or nine months of the year. They are surrounded by vast barren landscapes, where the cattle, goats and equids have stripped every leaf that could be reached, so very little survives.

People in these communities are dependent on their working horses and donkeys. Not only do they collect water, but they’re also used as a mode of transport to the local market. They know their horses and donkeys shouldn’t look the way they do, but are powerless to change it, without our help. Over the last ten years, they have been forced to travel further and further away from their homes to seek grazing due to the longer, hotter, and much drier seasons.

We need your help, so we can work in partnership with the Ministry of Livestock and Agriculture, and in-country partners to launch a sustainable nutrition programme that will support these working horses and donkeys. Will you consider donating today?