CCTV in slaughterhouses: Wales and Scotland

Protect the welfare of horses going to slaughter.

Protect the welfare of horses going to slaughter.

Since 2013, World Horse Welfare has campaigned for mandatory CCTV in all areas of a slaughterhouse, as recommended by the Farm Animal Welfare Council, and for the footage to be easily accessible by Official Veterinarians (OV). We believe that CCTV can aid the OV in monitoring welfare and serve as an excellent training resource for slaughterhouses to help make all processes as welfare-friendly as possible.  

While legislation has put in place in England, Scotland and Wales have yet to introduce similar legislation – although both have made announcements that this is on their agenda.  

Accountability and transparency are essential if the slaughterhouse is to remain an option for horse owners, especially those who cannot afford the high price of euthanasia. Without CCTV in all areas of the slaughterhouse where live animals are present, horses at slaughterhouses are at greater risk of being ‘invisible’ and horse owners need greater confidence in the process.  

While there are currently no licensed equine slaughterhouses in these countries, we will continue to work with other charities to ensure that this legislation is put in place. This will help protect horses in the event that an equine slaughterhouse is licensed in either, or both, countries in the future. 

You can help bring about this change by contacting your local MSP or Assembly Member and asking them to support CCTV in slaughterhouses. 

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