Our Culture

Over 30% of our team have worked for the charity for more than 10 years and many choose to donate to our work.

Over 30% of our team have worked for the charity for more than 10 years and many choose to donate to our work.

Everyone at World Horse Welfare recognises that what we achieve for horses is only possible because of our supporters.

We value every penny

We are cost conscious in everything we do. From seeking the gifting or sponsorship of equipment and services, to reusing our materials, to seeking the best value for money from our suppliers and reviewing all contracts regularly – we always work to avoid waste.

We pay our people fairly for their commitment and professionalism, and review our staffing requirements regularly.

We are all diligent about using funds efficiently

We believe it’s important that as much of the money kindly donated to us goes directly to helping horses – or helps us to help even more horses.

Investing in fundraising is vital to our ability to help horses. We recognise this and are completely open about it. We choose how we fundraise and our level of investment based on evidence, and while we test new ideas we and our Trustees are very careful to ensure that donations are spent wisely and effectively.

In all of our fundraising, we adhere to our values and ethical approach offering a true promise to our supporters.

Big world – small budget

Because our work extends globally, our teams do need to travel to other countries. We do this with costs and benefits in mind. Whilst always ensuring members of staff are safe, we travel on a tight budget adhering to the following for every trip:

  • All trips must have a clear objective that benefits horse welfare
  • Only members of staff who are absolutely essential in meeting those objectives go on trips 
  • Accommodation is booked in budget hotels or those charging a low price while still keeping staff safe
  • All staff and volunteers, including the Chairman and Chief Executive, book travel using the most cost-effective available fares and car sharing is habitual
  • Wherever possible, trips must be carefully planned in advance to ensure that fares are secured at the best possible price
  • Staff and volunteers are provided with a very modest living allowance when away

If you would like to know more about how your donations are spent visit Your impact or feel free to review our accounts.

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