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A gift in your Will is a very special way of helping improve the lives of horses in the UK and overseas.

A gift in your Will is a very special way of helping improve the lives of horses in the UK and overseas. Find out more

  • Help us continue to safeguard horses
  • Ensure your passion for horses lives on
  • Secure the future of your horses

Leaving a Gift in your Will

No matter how large or small, leaving a gift in your Will has a substantial and lasting impact on the work we do for horses. Wherever there are horses in need, a gift in a Will can give each one of them a second chance to lead a full and happy life

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Horse Gifting in a Will

The thought of what might happen to your beloved horse, or horses, should they outlive you can be worrying. We can offer you peace of mind in knowing that when you are no longer there to care for them, we will be.

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“I would absolutely encourage others to leave a legacy to World Horse Welfare, just as I have now pledged to do. If you don’t have the money to donate regularly then this is something that you can do to help horses without commitment right now. It also means that even if you can’t ride anymore or don’t have the room for horses, you can still do good for them. In 1974, I broke my back and lost my horse at the same time. My riding days had ended. But that doesn’t mean it was the end of my life supporting horses – if you love them, you do what you can to spread the word about good welfare. .”

Joy Davies

"I think it’s wonderful that the charity does so much to help horses in the UK as well as abroad. Now that I know more about the work in countries such as in Central America, I think it’s vital that the many working horses overseas should benefit as well. I would encourage anyone to donate money or leave a legacy as it allows World Horse Welfare to continue to transform the lives of many more horses worldwide."

Sue Albone

“ My late mother was a very fond supporter of your charity; we would often have conversations around a dining room table and jokingly tease her about why she was so fond of horses as she was, in fact, a little bit scared of them. I know she loved the good work done by your charity.”

Karl Lovatt (son of Jean Lovatt)

Our Commitment

World Horse Welfare understand how special a legacy is and promise to treat your gift with the care and respect you would expect.

Making a Will

If you have decided that you would like to leave a legacy to help horses, this page has some key information to help you.

Gifts in memory

Tribute gifts can be a lovely way to remember or celebrate a loved one. Find out more about Tribute Funds, sponsorship, and in-memory giving

Speak to us about leaving a legacy

Contact our friendly team with any questions.

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