Helping horses in the UK

We help horses in the UK in numerous ways, from hands-on care through to influencing policy.

We help horses in the UK in numerous ways, from hands-on care through to influencing policy.

From providing practical, hands-on care for the equines who come into our Rescue and Rehoming Centres, through offering expert support and advice for owners and keepers who have horse-care queries, to influencing policy decisions to ensure that legislation protects and promotes welfare as best as possible, we help horses in the UK in all kinds of ways.

If concerns are reported to us about a horse’s welfare, we will work with owners to resolve the situation wherever possible but, if it proves necessary, we will work with other organisations to prosecute as a last resort. Once a horse comes into our care, our aim is always to successfully rehabilitate them and ultimately find them a loving new home through our rehoming scheme, which is the largest of its kind in the UK.

We help horses and their owners/keepers by providing access to educational materials, the latest research and expert advice, from our online Advice Library to our free-to-view Welfare Wednesdays webinars. We can also help owners with queries specific to their individual horse via our Advice Line – +441953 497238 – in office hours.

Since the charity’s inception we have helped to influence over 50 pieces of legislation. We continue to work with governments around the UK to influence the development of policies, practice and legislation, to ensure that equine welfare is protected as effectively as possible. We influence and inform policy on our own or with other organisations when joining forces has a greater impact.  We run campaigns, and our evidence-based approach also allows horse owners to have their voices heard via surveys and actions which allow them to email their MP, for example. 

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