Bridle fit – why getting it right is so important

with Dr Rachel Murray and Di Fisher

We heard from Dr Rachel Murray on the importance of good bridle design and fit. Rachel talks us through some of the key anatomical points that we need to consider and will explain the issues that can be caused by a bridle that is unstable, or that puts too much pressure on the horse’s head. She will also cover the improvements in performance that can be gained from optimising bridle fit. 

Rachel is joined on the panel by Di Fisher, Society of Master Saddlers Master Saddle Fitter and Bridle Fitter, to provide her experience and expertise on how to get bridle fit right and to answer any questions regarding bridle design and fit. 

Regardless of whether you are a happy hacker, a top level eventer, or even a bitless rider, whether you ride a cob or a Warmblood, Rachel and Di were on hand to provide top tips that we can all use to assess our own bridles, and make sure that we are not inadvertently causing pain and discomfort to our horses through incorrect bridle fitting.

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