How to provide good foot care for sound and lame horses

with Dr Simon Curtis, Anna Hammond and Hayley Penrice

We were joined by Dr Simon Curtis, who is internationally recognised for his ability as a farrier, educator, and author. A practising farrier in Newmarket, England for more than 40 years, Simon also has a PhD in equine physiology and biomechanics. He brought his wealth of experience to bear on a range of topics, including what constitutes ideal foot balance and how good farriery can help lame horses, including those with laminitis. 

Following his presentation, Simon was joined for a panel discussion by Anna Hammond, an experienced equine vet who has worked in the UK, Australia, and New Zealand, and who has extensive experience of both private and referral practice, and by Hayley Penrice, Assistant Centre Manager at World Horse Welfare’s Penny Farm in Lancashire. 

Among other topics, the discussion covered what to look for in terms of foot and limb conformation when buying a horse, the owner’s role in caring for horses’ feet, and recent innovations in hoof care. The panel discussion was followed by a Q&A session.

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