Planning for equine end of life – and how to cope with it

with Bronwen Williams and Claire Gordon

We welcomed Bronwen Williams, a Registered Mental Health Nurse, to share her experience with us on grief associated with the loss of an animal and what emotions we are likely to experience before, during and after the event itself. She discussed how we can prepare ourselves as best as possible for when the time comes and explained some techniques that we can use to help us cope after the loss of our equine friend. 

Bronwen was joined by our Chief Field Officer Claire Gordon, who talked about why it is important that equine end of life is a topic that every horse owner should be aware of, not just owners of old, injured or health compromised animals. Claire shared with us some of her experiences of how she has helped owners who have struggled to be able to make a decision to euthanase their horse and illustrate the impact this can have on both horse and owner. 

We fully understand that this is a difficult topic for owners to talk about but we firmly believe the more we discuss it, the more support owners will discover exists. The death of any animal can be a lonely place but there is support out there. 

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