Take the heat out of Strangles in 2023

with Dr David Marlin, Caterina Termine, Professor Ashley Boyle and Fiona Maynard

World Horse Welfare presents a very special Strangles Awareness Week edition of our webinar series. 

We welcomed Dr David Marlin to chair a brand-new conversation about strangles featuring speakers Caterina Termine, Senior Veterinary Advisor to the FEI, and Professor Ashley Boyle from the University of Pennsylvania, a research specialist on the disease and Team GB Para Dressage Rider Fiona Maynard, alongside horse owners sharing their own strangles experiences. 

We discussed how to find out if strangles is in your area and the simple biosecurity steps everyone can take to protect their horse and their yard from an outbreak – including a low cost and often-overlooked tool in our armoury against infectious disease – temperature checking! 


The Strangles Awareness Week Digital Delegates Bag – https://padlet.com/SAW2023/digital-delegates-bag-taking-the-heat-out-of-strangles-webin-7lqbvfprwhf20fa1

The SAW pages – https://www.redwings.org.uk/strangles/strangles-awareness-week

The temp checker —https://www.redwings.org.uk/strangles/horse-temperature-checker

Dr David Marlin’s Podcast – https://drdavidmarlin.com/category/webinars-videos-podcasts/podcasts/

For more about Strangles Awareness Week visit – www.facebook.com/StranglesAwarenessWeek

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