The whole horse approach – how you can help equine health professionals work together to support your horse

with Lucy Grieve, Rebecca Lowe AWCF, Kate Stephens and James Arkley

We welcomed a team of equine health professionals from the equine field to talk to us about how they work together to treat the horse as a whole. Importantly, they also explain how we, as owners, can be confident that the professional we are using to help our horse is the right one. 

Vet Lucy Grieve guides us through the types of allied professionals that owners may use to help treat their horse and the central role that the vet often plays. She is joined on the panel by farrier Rebecca Lowe AWCF, Chartered & Veterinary Physiotherapist Kate Stephens, and equine dental technician James Arkley. 

Our speakers discuss how their roles complement each other and highlight what owners should consider when deciding which specialists to use. They also explain what checks we should carry out before allowing anyone to treat our horses and, as always, were on hand to answer any questions you may have.

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