We support the responsible use of horses in sport, and work to help ensure regulators such as the International Equestrian Federation (FEI) and the British Horseracing Authority (BHA) - and all those involved in the world of horse sport -meet their responsibilities to their horses. We have a significant amount of sporting expertise across our charity and press for all equestrian sports to keep the welfare of the horse at their heart.

We see horses’ involvement in sport as just one of many facets of our unique and evolving partnership. Nowhere else is the partnership between horse and human as complete as when these two athletes compete as one. Sport horses have been bred for hundreds if not thousands of years to excel in in the challenges of training and competition. We believe the role of horses in sport is legitimate and right, as well as mutually beneficial - so long as their welfare is put first.

When horses are used in sport, a heavy burden of responsibility for their welfare rests on the shoulders of those who own, train, ride and care for them. Sport horses are generally exceptionally well cared for, thanks to the significant investment that flows into the industry and the vigilance of regulators. Standards of welfare in horse sport can be the highest in the world, and we believe our work with sports regulators over the years has helped. But there is much more to do. 


There are still too many horse welfare challenges in sport. Overbreeding, questionable training methods, use of inappropriate tack, poor course design, limited access to grazing, excessive or unnecessary whip use, pre- and post-race care and retirement are all hot areas of debate within the horse community. These are issues we strive to address practically and responsibly using a collaborative approach.

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