Animal welfare establishment

Animal welfare establishments

Call for licensing of rescue centres and sanctuaries.

Call for licensing of rescue centres and sanctuaries.

Protecting vulnerable equines 

There is currently no specific legislation to ensure that rescue centres and sanctuaries across the UK meet minimum standards. While Scotland promised to introduce legislation, England and Wales have thus far failed to make the same commitment.  

While many of these establishments are run by dedicated and knowledgeable people who put the welfare of their equines first, this is unfortunately not always the case. Licencing of equine rescue centres and sanctuaries will help ensure these vulnerable animals are given the protection they deserve.  

We therefore welcomed the new law that came into force in Scotland last year, requiring all animal welfare establishments (which includes rescue centres and sanctuaries) to be inspected and licenced. We want to see a similar licencing regime introduced in the rest of the UK, with statutory minimum standards set-out in guidance – these should be based on the Codes of Practice and the NEWC standards.

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