We offer a small range of grants to help support research on subjects that have an impact on horse welfare.

We offer a small range of grants to help support research on subjects that have an impact on horse welfare.

Most research grants are undertaken in collaboration with veterinary schools and institutes.

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Previous successful grants

  • A review of equine welfare in England and Wales: Survey of leisure horse movements between owners in Great Britain.
  • Validation and application of a routine methodology for the accurate assessment of pony body composition in vivo.
  • Evaluation of training and competition surfaces in equestrian sport, and the consequences for improved welfare and orthopaedic health of horses that use them.
  • Equine laminitis in the new millennium: frequency, risk factors and assessing a potential new therapy (pdf to come).
  • Interactive educational workshops supporting owners to improve working horse health in Lesotho.
  • A project to look at the prevalence of helminth infection in working equids.
  • A programme looking at the transmission of disease at equestrian events.
  • Research to evaluate training and competition surfaces for riding horses, in order that the likelihood of injury can be reduced. Read more on the construction, use and maintenance of riding arena surfaces.
  • A study in Soweto to assess the impact of inadequate horse husbandry, with a focus on the prevalence of preventable musculoskeletal disorders as a consequence of overwork, limited farriery and ill-fitting harness.
  • An investigation into the bond between handlers and their working horses.
  • A project looking at the management of equine obesity.
  • Equine grass sickness (EGS) is a potentially deadly disease and for many years we sponsored horse carers working with chronic cases of this disease. The cause is still unclear but some horses survive, usually only with intensive nursing. Thanks to the dedicated team at the University of Edinburgh and with World Horse Welfare’s support, a guide on the management of horses with chronic grass sickness is now available.

How every £1 you donate is spent

  • 70p helps horses
    Helps horses
  • 30p is for fundraising
    Is for fundraising
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