Our Positions

Find out about what we believe on a range of key horse welfare topics in the UK and around the world.

Find out about what we believe on a range of key horse welfare topics in the UK and around the world.

Long distance transport for slaughter

Our goal is to stop the long-distance transport of horses across Europe to slaughter by 2027.

Horse welfare at slaughter

The slaughter of horses is a very emotive topic but it can be an acceptable end of life option.

Horse welfare during transport

Transportation can be very stressful for many horses but we can take steps to reduce this.

Equine rescue centres and sanctuaries

Ensuring good welfare standards at all places where vulnerable horses are cared for.

Horses and fireworks

Fireworks can cause stress and fear in horses and potentially result in severe accidents.

Exiting the European Union

Equine welfare must be considered during Brexit planning.

Equine ID and traceability

Correct identification ensures horses are visible and their welfare is better protected.

Horse crisis in the UK

More than 6,000 horses at risk of neglect or suffering in England and Wales.

Horse welfare enforcement

Enforcement of legislation is critical to ensuring the welfare of horses around the world.

Contribution to Sustainable Development Goals

Horses are a vital and relevant part of human society across the world.

Protecting horses from disease

There is an ever present and increasing threat of disease affecting our horses globally.


Animal sentience must be recognised in law to protect horse welfare.


Maximum sentences must be tough and proportionate to discourage animal cruelty.

Exports and imports from/to the UK

Horse export and import laws in the UK should be better enforced to protect biosecurity and their welfare.

Responsible horse ownership

Encouraging and supporting responsible ownership is the cornerstone of horse welfare.

Horses in sport

We support the responsible use of horses in sport so long as their welfare is put first.

Horse meat scandal

In early 2013, it came to light that horse meat had been mislabelled as beef, highlighting just how little information is available to consumers on where their food comes from.
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