Your horse’s future

Safeguard your horse’s future by entrusting World Horse Welfare to care for them after you’re gone.
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Safeguard your horse’s future by entrusting World Horse Welfare to care for them after you’re gone.
Request a free Horse gifting pack

Your horse’s future

Why leave your horse to us

We understand that it can be worrying to think about what might happen to your beloved horse, or horses, if they should outlive you. Plans and circumstances can change, and a friend or relative who was previously happy and able to care for your horse(s) may no longer be able to. Leaving your horse(s) to World Horse Welfare is a way that you can ensure their future is safe and secure. 

As horse lovers, we know that this is a big decision to make and want to reassure you that your horse(s) will be cared for just as you would care for them yourself. The well-being of every horse that comes to us is of paramount importance, especially those that have been left to us in a Will.  We know they have enjoyed living in a loving home and have their own specific needs and qualities. As part of the Horse Gifting pack you can provide us with specific information about your horse(s) on the Equine Details Form which we then use to help find them a suitable home with a loving rehomer.

"I decided I needed to ensure a safe, protected and certain future for my adored horse if I am not around to ensure his future. I have gifted him to World Horse Welfare along with a sum of money, my horsebox, tack rugs and equipment. I can think of no better place for him to go than to an organisation whose sole purpose is to rescue and rehome horses not as lucky as mine."

Heather Stopher

"I wanted to be able to help cover the costs of any equine I gifted to World Horse Welfare, as well as help lots of others who aren’t as fortunate as my own and to know that they are safe and have a secure future under the expert care of World Horse Welfare."

Sue Albone

"We take great care of every horse that comes through our doors, but I always think there is something special about a horse that’s been left to World Horse Welfare in a Will. Their owner wanted the best for them and that’s what we give them."

Eileen Gillen

What will happen to my horse?

If you choose to leave your horse, or horses, to World Horse Welfare in your Will they will remain in our ownership for the rest of their lives. Upon the execution of your Will, your horse(s) will be taken into the care of World Horse Welfare at one of our four Rescue and Rehoming Centres. Here, they will be assessed and given the time they need to adapt to their surroundings before we do all we can to find to find them a loving new home where they can enjoy a full and happy life. All potential rehomers, and their facilities, are assessed by World Horse Welfare for suitability, experience and compatibility before we rehome a horse. Further information about this scheme, should you want to know more, can be found on our Rehome a Horse page.

Once in our care, we will act in the best interests of your horse(s) which means, as the new owners, World Horse Welfare reserves the right to take action as to safeguard the health, welfare and quality of life of every horse we own. This may include, if it became necessary, compassionate euthanasia. When taking in groups of horses, each horse is assessed on its own merit which may mean it is integrated into a new herd or rehomed independently. As social animals, horses are very quick to make new friends and, in our experience, they happily adapt to new settings.

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Our free Horse Gifting Pack provides all the necessary information to allow you to make an informed decision about your horse’s future.

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