At World Horse Welfare, we campaign to make a difference to the lives of all horses.

The sad reality is that horses across the world suffer every day. We want to stop this by raising awareness of the causes of horse suffering, and encouraging people to take action.

Our aim is to help the greatest possible number of horses, both in the UK and across Europe. We seek to improve welfare conditions by changing attitudes, policy and practice; improving the laws that protect horses, making sure these laws are enforced, and educating horse owners.


  • Vets for Horses Appeal
    • Vets for Horses
    • Chile’s sight was saved by our team of trained vets and students. His case highlights the need for local vets across the developing world to be trained to treat horses.
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  • Italy’s Frozen and Starving Horses and Donkeys
    • Urgent Appeal – Help us Reach Italy’s Frozen and Starving Horses and Donkeys
    • Starving, stranded and helpless. This is the reality facing hundreds of horses and donkeys across Italy today and we need your help to reach them as soon as possible.
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  • Mandatory CCTV in equine slaughterhouses
    • Mandatory CCTV appeal
    • PICTURE: RECONSTRUCTION. The sad reality is that thousands of horses will end their lives in a UK slaughterhouse this year, but how they are treated is effectively invisible as there is no guarantee that CCTV is being used to help monitor thei...
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  • Rosie and Jim with Sara Jerman
    • Christmas Gift Appeal
    • It’s only with the support of people like you that many neglected and abandoned horses will have any hope of being safer, happier and healthier this Christmas.
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