At World Horse Welfare, we campaign to make a difference to the lives of all horses.

The sad reality is that horses across the world suffer every day. We want to stop this by raising awareness of the causes of horse suffering, and encouraging people to take action.

Our aim is to help the greatest possible number of horses, both in the UK and across Europe. We seek to improve welfare conditions by changing attitudes, policy and practice; improving the laws that protect horses, making sure these laws are enforced, and educating horse owners.


  • horse bars transport lorry
    • Help End These Long Journeys
    • We need your support more than ever to reach our goal to end to the long-distance transport of horses across Europe for slaughter by 2027. We are almost there – will you end the journey with us?
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  • orphan foals cute
    • Bill and Jimmy
    • Bill was found at the start of May, having been dumped and left to die in Thetford Forest, Norfolk. Not yet a week old, the colt foal was struggling to survive when he was found by a local farmer.
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  • World Horse Welfare Honduras
    • Working through pain, starvation and exhaustion
    • Life for working horses in Honduras is a daily struggle against injury, malnutrition and the effects of poverty. We are working with horse owners to help them learn and develop the best methods of caring for these animals that are vital to thei...
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  • appeal help me
    • Help me
    • Your gift will help improve conditions for many thousands of horses, making sure that fewer face the pain, stress and exhaustion of these needless and brutal journeys.
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  • World Horse Welfare 90 years
    • They need our help today more than ever
    • World Horse Welfare was founded in 1927 as a campaigning organisation to prevent the export of British horses for slaughter. Since then, we have continued to campaign while expanding our work to promote and protect horses in the UK around the w...
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