South Africa

carthorse protection association

In South Africa many communities rely on working horses and carts for transportation and to earn their living. They are the vehicles of scrap metal collectors, taxis, furniture movers and, despite recent electrification, coal vendors, who sell coal to those who cannot afford electricity.

Working horses such as these often suffer from avoidable wounds and lameness from ill-fitting tack and poor shoeing. We help their owners prevent this suffering by sharing basic horse care knowledge and skills.

We work in partnership with local organisations in South Africa to help horses, including:

Cart Horse Protection Association - Cart Horse Protection Association is a non-profit Cape Town based animal welfare organisation. Its mission is to protect working cart horses and donkeys from abuse, and contribute to the social upliftment of the Cape Flats carting community.

Coastal Horsecare Unit - the Coastal Horsecare Unit provides rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming to equines in need, and reaches out to local communities to provide skills and knowledge in horsecare.