Webinar: Can a stabled horse ever truly be a happy horse?

Keeping horses stabled can be seen as convenient, traditional way of managing them and but how does it affect the horse?

Posted on 04/03/2022

Webinar: Can a stabled horse ever truly be a happy horse?

On Wednesday 9th March the next Wednesday Welfare Webinar will look at the effect on our horses of the different ways we keep them and how this can impact their welfare.

The webinar, live from 7pm on the Wednesday evening, will welcome international coach and animal behaviour scientist Dr Andrew McLean to chat to us about how the environment we keep our horses in can impact their behaviour. Andrew will explain why a horse may respond in certain ways to being stabled and, most importantly, discuss changes we can make to the way we keep and care for our horses, to ensure it is as beneficial for their physical and mental health as possible. 

The panel discussion will be followed by a Q & A session in which you will have the chance to ‘ask the experts’ any questions you may have, and Andrew will be joined by equine veterinarian Brad Hill, from Nottingham Vet School, and Eileen Gillen, Centre Manager at Belwade Farm Rescue and Rehoming Centre.   

By registering for the webinar through Zoom, you will be able to take part in the various polls, ask questions during the Q&A and enjoy an interactive experience. If you are keen to be part of the conversation, then please join HERE  

The webinars are free to attend and if you are unable to attend via Zoom they can also be viewed as a Facebook Live session. Don’t worry if you have missed any of the previous webinars – which have tackled subjects as fascinating and diverse as keeping horses fit, weight management, euthanasia, biosecurity, horse mental wellbeing and travelling – they are all available to watch on our YouTube channel

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