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Mrs Potts staying trim with the support of Baileys Horse Feeds

Keeping Mrs Potts at a healthy weight has been a challenge but now, with the support of feed company Baileys Horse Feeds, a healthy balance has been found.

Dumped in a ditch at a day old, Charley is now ready for the world

Nine months later, she has recovered, recently been rehomed and can look forward to a bright future.

Horses’ recovery helped by Baileys Horse Feeds’ generous support

A herd of underweight Thoroughbred horses are making excellent progress in their recovery thanks to the support of feed company, Baileys Horse Feeds.

Large number of ponies pose challenge for rescue charities

A large herd of forty ponies has been taken in by rescue charities after the sudden death of their owner.

Tiny Olaf Rescued From a ‘Frozen’ Future

Young foal Olaf was separated from his mother too early and abandoned on land prone to flooding, left to fend for himself as freezing winter weather approached.

Team effort to help obese ponies face a fitter future

Four ponies arrived at Belwade Farm Rescue and Rehoming Centre last year dangerously obese and in need of months of expert care.

Double the difference you can make for rescued horses during the Big Give 2021

The Big Give Christmas Challenge 2021 will double the difference you can make for rescued horses – like these 15 Thoroughbreds.

Dedicated team help ‘bag-of-bones’ rescued pony and her foal thrive

Violet was extremely thin, riddled with lice and heavily pregnant when she arrived at Hall Farm in March this year.

Try before you buy – a sobering tale of buying horses unseen

The pandemic has changed shopping habits for many, but the tale of Laddie and Angel shows that some things are best bought the old fashioned way.

Rescue cobs are in possession of rather “Austen-tatious” names

Having been in a sorry state, the future is now bright for Mr Bingley, Mr Bennet and Mr Darcy.

Pony who suffered horrific injury is now farm favourite

Moses has been transformed into a stunning, cheeky young cob and is now Sponsor a Stableyard cover star.

World Horse Welfare welcomes proposed ban on export for slaughter

The Animal Welfare (Kept Animals) Bill includes legislative proposals on live exports for slaughter and livestock worrying - both relevant to equines

World Horse Welfare delivers evidence integral to improving welfare of post-Brexit international transport of horses

World Horse Welfare gives evidence to an Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (EFRA) Commons Select Committee

‘Once in a generation’ opportunity to protect animals

50 Animal charities unite to urge Government not to waste ‘once in a generation’ opportunity to protect animals.

A seismic day for animal welfare

World Horse Welfare warmly welcomes stiffer punishments for animal cruelty as maximum sentences increase in England and Wales.

Ponies rescued from shocking conditions

Clever detective work unlocked the key allowing rescue of ponies living in shocking conditions.

A bright future ahead for ponies rescued from sanctuary

137 horses and ponies have been rescued in a large multi-agency operation.

Welfare charities ask for public support to prevent horse welfare catastrophe and recommend solutions to fix ‘broken system’

Report released today highlights that more responsible ownership, wider regulation and active enforcement needed to break cycle of suffering.

One donation to help horses like Chelsea can have twice the impact

Donate during The Big Give Christmas Challenge and your gift will be doubled.

Vets and charities pull together to help over 70 horses

A number of equine charities and Cambridge Veterinary School have been working together to help an overwhelmed owner.

Man banned from keeping horses for ten years after allowing headcollar to become embedded in pony’s head

The pony's owner had pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal.

Multi-agency operation takes place to rescue 43 horses in Wellingborough

World Horse Welfare and the RSPCA led the rescue operation, with a number of other equine charities helping.

Reporting of animal welfare prosecution highlights major gap in the law

A recent animal welfare prosecution has highlighted two issues that the public should be aware of.

Rehomed horses steal the hearts of celebrity judges to win in national competition

Three rescued and rehomed horses captivated celebrity judges’ hearts to win their categories in World Horse Welfare’s annual Rehomed Horse of the Year 2019 competition.

Buttercup was just skin and bone but now she’s a showing champion ready to find a home

Rescue pony Buttercup has been transformed since coming into our care emaciated and weak.

Will you email your MP to support increased animal cruelty sentences?

We need your support to ensure increased sentencing becomes law as soon as possible.

Elf’s journey from nervous neglected young foal to calming friend

Elf has been transformed since he came into our care. Will you help other horses in need this winter?

Finley was very nervous when he came into our care

Finley has been transformed since he came into our care. Will you help other ponies in need this winter?

Thruppence was dangerously obese when she arrived

Thruppence has been transformed since she came into our care. Will you help other ponies in need this winter?

Rescue pony Clyde shows how your donation can help transform horses’ lives this winter

Welsh pony gelding Clyde came into our care severely neglected but has been transformed to take Reserve Champion Rescue Pony at Equifest this year.

Two people jailed after being convicted of numerous animal welfare charges

Inspectors found a "total animal welfare disaster" when they visited Ingst Manor Farm in 2015.

Technology triumphs to track down isolated ponies

Our latest film shows Field Officer Rachel Andrews taking on some of Britain’s least hospitable terrain to check on a remote herd of ponies.

Ponies go from rescue cases to Equifest champions thanks to World Horse Welfare

Rescue ponies Buttercup and Clyde have been transformed into showing champions in just over a year.

Dumped six-week-old foal lucky to survive: Charity appeals for information

A foal found dumped in a field has survived against the odds and now World Horse Welfare is calling for information.

Woman banned from keeping all animals for indefinite period

A woman has been disqualified from keeping all animals for an indefinite period after she failed to provide veterinary care for her lame horse.

Announcement on new bill enabling tougher prison sentences for worst animal cruelty offences welcomed

The new bill to enable tougher prison sentences for the worst animal cruelty offences will be introduced to Parliament.

Waltham Chase woman banned from keeping horses

RSPCA and World Horse Welfare alerted after concerns were raised for three equines kept at a stable yard.

‘Sparkling’ pair of young ponies rescued from abandonment

Ponies Diamond and Quartz rescued within days of each other are now safe at World Horse Welfare

Call for information after pony dumped with horrific injuries in New Forest

World Horse Welfare is calling for witnesses to help track down the owner of pony found abandoned and emaciated.

Nineteen fly-grazed Shire horses rescued from Kidderminster

Six charities joined forces to rescue 19 fly-grazing Shire horses from Kidderminster.

Pony found eaten alive by maggots is crowned show ring champion

World Horse Welfare Buggy takes Rescue Pony Champion title at Equifest 2017

Appeal for information after third horse found dumped in less than two weeks

Charity calls for information after three horses are found dumped in less than three weeks.

Courageous mare found with skin falling off saves foals

Piebald mare Maggie was found with open sores all over her body and was caring for both her own foal and an orphan.

Four deserving horses find happiness with Melanie and John Bishop

John and Melanie Bishop rehome from World Horse Welfare.

Pony rescued after skin ‘eaten alive’ by maggot infestation

World Horse Welfare and RSPCA calling for information on group of ponies found in Hillam.

Field Officer finds horses tied to the wheels of cars on front drive of house

World Horse Welfare Field Officer Nick White is used to dealing with the many horses living in London, and knows from past experience that anything can happen and usually does.

Charities work together to safeguard welfare of over 40 horses

Joint operation between World Horse Welfare, RSPCA, Redwings and The Donkey Sanctuary removes horses to safety.

Yearling saved from baler twine tangle after inappropriate tethering

A yearling found frightened and badly entangled in baler twine at the side of the road is well on her way to recovery after arriving at World Horse Welfare's Penny Farm Rescue and Rehoming Centre near Blackpool two weeks ago.

Film showing tragic story of mare Rhosywn captures impact of horse crisis

World Horse Welfare today releases perhaps our most hard-hitting film to date showing the tragic story of a mare called Rhoswyn and our efforts to help her.

New research shows obesity is not just a growing problem for humans

Equine obesity is an increasing but under-recognised welfare issue in the UK.

Nine horses including two foals and a Shetland pony are rescued from deep flood waters in Middlesex

While dozens of flood warnings remain in place across the UK, it is not just people that bear the brunt of the drastic weather.

Rehomed Shetland now thriving at Aboyne centre after horrific neglect

When Haggis was found he was riddled with lice, grossly overweight and showing signs of laminitis, an extremely painful and sometimes fatal condition affecting horses’ hooves.

Spindles Farm, Amersham: the UK’s worst-ever case of horse welfare abuse

In a joint operation led by the RSPCA, 111 equines were removed from Spindles Farm in January 2008.

20 horses rescued from a life of misery

Twenty ponies rescued from a scrap yard can finally look forward to a happy and secure future, thanks to the hard work of World Horse Welfare.

World Horse Welfare uncovers gruesome scene of suffering

25 thin and neglected foals, stallions and pregnant mares were removed from an isolated farm in Aberdeenshire.

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