How has handsome Andy not been rehomed yet?

Andy's grooms at Hall Farm can’t believe that the handsome Lusitano hasn’t been snapped up already.

Posted on 31/08/2022

How has handsome Andy not been rehomed yet?

Andy is a stunning 16.0 hand high fleabitten grey gelding, and he is still looking for his new home.

“Andy didn’t have the best start in life and it became obvious that he’d had some bad experiences in the past and he does have a sensitive personality. But we took all the time he needed and with kind and consistent handling he has totally blossomed into a loving and genuine horse who always tries hard to please his handler. By December last year he was ready to find his new home.

“He is such a sweetie – and so handsome with it – he’s a real yard favourite. We’d love to see him settled in a new home, honestly, I’m stunned that he hasn’t found a home yet”

Lorraine Holmes, Andy’s groom at Hall Farm

Andy was part of a welfare case. Lincolnshire police attended a premises in 2020 and discovered 29 horses suffering with poor bodily condition, overgrown feet, lameness, and untreated injuries. World Horse Welfare were able to take 18 of these horses, one of which was a Lusitano stallion – Andy. The remaining horses were taken by RSPCA.

Due to being gelded late Andy cannot be turned out with or next to mares and would suit a home where he is turned out with other geldings of a similar size. Andy is not suitable to ride but he will make a great companion horse, he currently lives out but could be stabled if needed. He would suit a quiet yard where he can relax and be given the attention he deserves. Andy would make an ideal companion to a ridden horse, as once settled he has the potential to be left alone for short periods.

Rehoming a horse from us is an immensely rewarding experience. Most of the horses available for rehoming, like Andy, have had difficult lives before coming into our care. Rehoming offers them a vital second chance, as well as making space in the farms for more horses that desperately need help to be taken in.   

Our rehoming website sets out the rehoming process clearly and makes applying straightforward. Rehomers receive an honest assessment of their chosen horse and their capabilities, as well as ongoing support and the reassurance that if their circumstances change, the rehomed horse can be returned to World Horse Welfare. To find out more, visit our rehoming site HERE 

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