Patron This Esme visits our Scottish Centre

Equestrian influencer and YouTube star This Esme visits Belwade Farm, Aberdeenshire

Posted on 03/08/2023

Patron This Esme visits our Scottish Centre

Around 850 people descended on World Horse Welfare’s Belwade Farm Rescue and Rehoming Centre near Aboyne yesterday as internet star and well-known equestrian influencer This Esme visited. As part of her UK tour, Esme stopped by Belwade Farm for the day, meeting fans, chatting to them and giving a ridden demonstration on one of World Horse Welfare’s rehabilitated and rehomed horses Hatchi.

“Oh my goodness, I’ve had so much fun here at World Horse Welfare Belwade Farm doing my meet and greets and also doing my demo on Hatchi as well. Its been amazing for so many people to come here and be able to hear about the incredible work that World Horse Welfare do.”

This Esme

Esme gave a ridden demonstration on Hatchi, a lovely 15.2hh 13-year-old piebald cob who had been handed over to the charity five years ago. Hatchi showed off his paces with Esme, giving a beautiful walk, trot and canter while Esme spoke to the crowd, describing the rehoming process, how to go about it and what to expect using her experiences with World Horse Welfare Duke.

“Today was brilliant! I can’t believe I got to meet my horsey hero for real. She was lovely and chatty. And Hatchi is such a lovely horse, I had no idea about what rehoming meant or the kinds of horses that were available. I’ve never been to Belwade farm before but what an amazing place, we will be coming back here now we know about it!”

Anna, 12, from Aberdeen

Fans have been following the antics and updates on Duke rehomed by Esme on her YouTube channel. Duke is a feisty little dappled grey Welsh Mountain pony with a big personality who was rescued by World Horse Welfare as a foal in May 2020 after being abandoned at just a few days old. Esme has over 1-million followers on You Tube and her other channels, and aims to use her channels to entertain, but also to educate about responsible horse ownership, horse welfare and increasing access of equestrianism to a wider audience. Esme has been involved with World Horse Welfare for a number of years, including rehoming a pony, Duke, and taking part in the recent Ride to Parliament to press for passage of the Kept Animals Bill and has recently become a Patron of the charity.

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