Rescue and Rehoming Centres reopening to the public on the 18th of August

We’re really excited to be reopening after being closed to the public for almost 18 months due to the pandemic.

Posted on 11/08/2021

Rescue and Rehoming Centres reopening to the public on the 18th of August

The staff and ponies at World Horse Welfare’s four Rescue and Rehoming Centres in Aberdeenshire, Lancashire, Norfolk and Somerset can’t wait to welcome visitors back when they reopen on the 18th of August after more than a year closed to the public. A new easy-to-use ticket booking system has been launched to manage numbers of people visiting and to keep both staff and visitors safe. Tickets can be booked on the individual farm pages, which you can find here.

“Everyone at Belwade Farm is getting excited to welcome back familiar and new faces when we reopen. Whilst we have been closed the yard have been busy helping a large number of rescues, rehabilitating them ready to go to new homes.”  

Lisa Gardiner, Centre Promotion Officer at Belwade Farm in Aberdeenshire,

“There is certainly plenty to see and find out about and you can even see our new ‘Bugingham Palace’! The horses and ponies are enjoying the wonderful weather and summer is a truly lovely time of year here. The Feed Bucket Coffee Shop will also be reopening, offering delicious food and refreshments – and there is a lovely outside picnic area to enjoy as well”     

Maxine Langley at Hall Farm, Norfolk

“We have a wonderful herd of horses and ponies, including some gorgeous foals, just waiting to see you all again and don’t forget that our Coffee Shop will be open for a drink and a bite to eat after you explore our new walks out amongst the fields. We have some exciting upcoming events too.”   

Sally Page from Glenda Spooner Farm in Somerset

“Come and see what we have been doing and find out about the horses and ponies that are here – each has a different story to tell. We said that there would be celebrations here when we finally reopened, and after having to reschedule a number of times we really are going to mark the occasion!”   

Zoe Clifford from Penny Farm near Blackpool

Check our website or individual farm social media accounts for details of opening days and times as they vary across the farms.   

With the impact of Covid-19 causing a 20% decline in income the charity is introducing a small charge for visiting the centres at Hall Farm, Belwade Farm and Glenda Spooner Farm to help support the visitor facilities. The charge for a general visit is £3 each, with children under 5 free. Entry to Penny Farm remains free, but tickets still need to be pre-booked. 

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