Annual Health Plan launched to support owners in managing their horses’ routine care.

Free to download, the interactive and user-friendly plan aims to support everyone who looks after horses.

Posted on 19/01/2024

Annual Health Plan launched to support owners in managing their horses’ routine care.

With many equestrians and horse owners making new year’s resolutions that involve their horses, we have launched a new user-friendly, interactive Annual Health Plan to support all those providing equine care by helping them stay on top of their horse’s routine health and welfare requirements. 

“Knowing where to start with putting a horse health plan together can be challenging. We designed our Annual Health Plan to be a one-stop-shop for owners to record and manage as many aspects of their horse’s health as possible, from vaccinations to tack fitting. Throughout the plan, owners are provided with additional advice and guidance on a range of health, behaviour and welfare topics.”

Education Officer, Rebecca Boulert

World Horse Welfare actively promotes a whole horse approach to horse care and we have developed the plan with ease of use in mind by incorporating thorough guidance on how to complete each section and where to go for further support. This includes signposting to our advice pages and Education YouTube channel.

The plan includes record tables for regular health check data like temperature, pulse and respiration (TPR), logs to keep track of visit dates from farriers, musculoskeletal practitioners and dentists, and encourages users to schedule regular tack fitting appointments, as well as reminding them to worm and keep track of their horses’ weight. 

The Annual Health Plan also incorporates a short evaluation of horse behaviour into each section, allowing notes to be made on how horses respond to certain procedures, encouraging owners to reflect on their horses behavioural and training needs. As an example, if their horse is needle shy when vaccinated, can they implement a training plan using positive and/or negative reinforcement to make the experience better for the horse next time?

The plan can be downloaded HERE

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