Hold on to your… hats? The Hunks and Horses are back!

One of the most popular equine calendars is back with a storm – all in the name of charity.

Posted on 06/08/2015

Hold on to your… hats? The Hunks and Horses are back!

Last year this fun-loving and quirky calendar – kindly sponsored by the Mark Todd Collection – proved exceptionally popular, with hundreds of copies ordered and selling out within weeks of its release. This year looks likely to be just the same, but we have the inside scoop – and our lucky supporters can be sure to get theirs by pre-ordering it now!

Kim Smith created the Hunks and Horses Calendar in 2013, after being inspired by two very important loves in her life. The first is Kim’s fiancé Aaron who tragically was diagnosed with testicular cancer in 2009. Aaron fought against the disease and thankfully he survived and has received the all-clear – but hundreds more men face the disease each day. Aaron and Kim are now dedicated to helping other men who are battling testicular cancer and Aaron appears in the calendar every year.

Her second inspiration is World Horse Welfare Melody who was born at our Norfolk Rescue and Rehoming Centre, Hall Farm, in 2010 after her mother, Maude, arrived with us in appalling condition. Sadly, Maude passed away shortly after giving birth – but Melody was successfully rehabilitated and rehomed with Kim as a youngster in 2012. When Melody was physically mature Kim backed her to ride, giving her the perfect education before returning her to Hall Farm. The fantastic experience that Melody gained with Kim enabled her to quickly find a loving new home as a ridden horse and she is now a fit and healthy 5 year-old. Kim’s love of Melody inspired her to raise money for World Horse Welfare and we are thrilled to be the second beneficiary of the Hunks and Horses Calendar, alongside Testicular Cancer Research UK.

In 2014 the incredible Hunks and Horses Calendar raised over £13,000, donating an amazing £6,700 to World Horse Welfare and Testicular Cancer Research UK – and this year we know we can beat that! Without donations from supporters like Kim and the team at Hunks and Horses we could not continue our work improving the lives of horses, ponies and donkeys around the world. 

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