How is coronavirus impacting World Horse Welfare’s work in the UK?

Find out how the current situation in the UK is affecting our work helping horses in light of the latest Government advice on coronavirus.

Posted on 17/03/2020

How is coronavirus impacting World Horse Welfare’s work in the UK?

Updated 27th March

We are all having to adapt to the evolving situation in the UK and, in light of the further restrictions announced by the government on Monday evening, we have had to make further changes to the way we work.

Our Rescue and Rehoming Centres are now closed entirely to the public – including prospective rehomers. However, we still very much welcome applications for horses on our rehoming website, although the rehoming process itself will be delayed until the current restrictions are relaxed. 

Our Welfare Line is still open, however, Field Officer visits are suspended except for emergency calls – which will be dealt with on a case by case basis, in association with other charities where needed.

Our farm teams have moved to providing maintenance care only. All rehabilitation work, including lunging, long-reining and riding, has ceased whilst the current restrictions are in place. 

Visits to current and potential rehomers are also suspended. Field Officers and Rehoming Officers will carry out telephone checks with current rehomers until the restrictions are lifted. 

Our online shop will be temporarily closed as we will not be able to fulfil orders under the current restrictions – we will reopen it again once this is possible.

Our Advice Line remains open and we are very happy to help provide guidance, as we know there are many worried horse owners around the country right now who want to protect themselves and others, and their horses. If you have queries about how to best care for your horse(s) in these unprecedented times, please do give us a call in office hours on +44(0)1953 497238. We are very much all in this together and we will do our best to help by providing regular updates. You can view our tips (which we will keep up to date as the situation evolves) on caring for a horse under the current restrictions if they are not kept on your property here. 

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