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UK equine charities deliver training in Brazil to government officials from across the Americas

International Coalition for Working Equids charities deliver training at OIE seminar.

YouTube star This Esme visits World Horse Welfare

The team at our Hall Farm Rescue and Rehoming Centre welcomed Esme for a visit recently.

Ponies go from rescue cases to Equifest champions thanks to World Horse Welfare

Rescue ponies Buttercup and Clyde have been transformed into showing champions in just over a year.

Dumped six-week-old foal lucky to survive: Charity appeals for information

A foal found dumped in a field has survived against the odds and now World Horse Welfare is calling for information.

Woman banned from keeping all animals for indefinite period

A woman has been disqualified from keeping all animals for an indefinite period after she failed to provide veterinary care for her lame horse.

Announcement on new bill enabling tougher prison sentences for worst animal cruelty offences welcomed

The new bill to enable tougher prison sentences for the worst animal cruelty offences will be introduced to Parliament.

Charities meet Government advisor to call for increased prison sentences

11 charities met Lord Randall on 24th June to call for the Government to increase sentences for animal cruelty.

Waltham Chase woman banned from keeping horses

RSPCA and World Horse Welfare alerted after concerns were raised for three equines kept at a stable yard.

World Horse Trail sculptures showcased at Royal Windsor Horse Show 2019

Ten unique horse sculptures will be enjoyed by visitors to the 2019 Royal Windsor Horse Show.

Coalition For Working Equids welcomes statement on need to protect equine welfare in donkey trade

On World Donkey Day, the International Coalition for Working Equids (ICWE) welcomed the World Organisation for Animal Health’s (OIE) 3 May statement.

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