Welfare Wednesdays webinars kick off again for 2021 looking at skin conditions

How to recognise, how to manage and how to prevent them

Welfare Wednesdays webinars kick off again for 2021 looking at skin conditions

World Horse Welfare’s highly regarded webinars return on Wednesday 20th January at 7pm, with a real treat for horse owners, vets and anyone who cares for or is interested in horses. For Skin Conditions – How to recognise, how to manage and how to prevent them, Professor Derek Knottenbelt, a world-leading vet and expert on equine cancer, will be joining Claire Gordon, the charity’s Chief Field Officer. Derek and Claire, who are both entertaining and engaging speakers, will tackle a whole host of common conditions and diseases, including lice, mites, ringworm, sweet itch, rain scald and mud fever, as well as sarcoids and the webinar is likely to prove a rich source of information and advice.  

Most people who handle horses will have come across these equine skin conditions at some point. Some, like fungal ringworm, are highly contagious and can affect other animals, including being transferred to humans. Others, such as sarcoids, can cause a number of difficulties, including rubs if they occur around areas where tack sits.  

Recognising the signs and symptoms of various common skin conditions will be covered, and treatment and management options for each condition will be discussed. Where possible, Derek and Claire will also tackle prevention during the webinar and will welcome your questions on this important subject.   

Claire has a wealth of experience through her work in the field where she supports horse owners to recognise skin conditions and guides them to appropriate treatment options. Although Claire often deals with neglected equines, skin conditions can affect even the best managed horses, and Claire is well-versed in advising on management changes that aid in prevention of a range of skin problems.  

By registering for the webinar through Zoom, you will be able to take part in the various polls, ask questions during the Q&A and enjoy an interactive experience. If you are keen to be part of the conversation, then please join here

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