Rescue cobs are in possession of rather “Austen-tatious” names

Having been in a sorry state, the future is now bright for Mr Bingley, Mr Bennet and Mr Darcy.

Posted on 21/06/2021

Rescue cobs are in possession of rather “Austen-tatious” names

Two young cobs with rather recognisable names are ready to find their perfect match now their fortunes have changed for the better. After concerns were reported for their welfare, a trio of colts arrived at World Horse Welfare’s Hall Farm Rescue and Rehoming Centre in February this year and were promptly named Mr Bingley, Mr Bennet and Mr Darcy.

Underweight piebald pony with long winter coat
Mr Bingley when he arrived at Hall Farm

World Horse Welfare Field Officer Jacko Jackson said:

“When I visited the site, it was clear that these three young colts sadly weren’t getting the care they needed. With a little digging I discovered that the elderly owner simply was not able to look after her animals any longer and after talking it all through she came to terms with the situation and agreed to sign them over to us to prevent the situation deteriorating further and to safeguard their future. It’s been wonderful to see these three blossom from underweight little ponies to confident youngsters ready to find loving new homes.”

After their rescue and change in fortunes, on arrival at Hall Farm the previously unnamed trio received not only their new names but also the dedicated expert care they clearly needed to be nursed back to health.

Piebald pony looking right into camera
Mr Bingley has gained lots of confidence and clearly isn’t camera-shy!

Mr Bingley’s groom James said:

“All three ponies were in very poor condition and quite significantly underweight when they arrived. We tend to use themes when naming groups of horses who come in and you might be able to tell where our inspiration came from for these three boys. While Mr Darcy and Mr Bennet began to pick up quite quickly, it soon became apparent that Mr Bingley wasn’t doing as well.

“With further testing, our vets discovered that Mr Bingley was suffering with anaemia as well as having significant worm damage to his gut. He was very unwell for a couple of weeks but with appropriate medication, supplementation and feeding we got him back on the road to recovery and now he’s ready for rehoming as a fit and healthy youngster. He even got to meet our President Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal during her recent visit so his life really has changed since the start of the year!” 

World Horse Welfare groom bathing piebald pony
Mr Bingley is now a happy, healthy, confident youngster and was very good being bathed ready to have his photo taken

Whilst Mr Bennett isn’t in search of a home of his own just yet, Mr Bingley and Mr Darcy are ready to seek their perfect match and make their way out into the world. One might even say that it is a truth universally acknowledged that rescue ponies in possession of improved fortunes must be in want of a home. If you could offer Mr Bingley or Mr Darcy the loving home these cheeky chaps deserve, check out our rehoming site now.

If you’re not able to rehome, perhaps you could consider sponsoring one of our stableyards and supporting the horses in our care for just £5 a month? Our stableyards are at the heart of the rehabilitation process and many of the horses and ponies who come into our care will need to be expertly nursed back to health, like Mr Bingley. You can sponsor Hall Farm’s stableyard here.

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