Finley was very nervous when he came into our care

Finley has been transformed since he came into our care. Will you help other ponies in need this winter?

Posted on 10/12/2019

Finley was very nervous when he came into our care

Finley was very nervous and scared of being handled when he first came into our care as part of a large group of horses. With specialist care from our grooms, he’s come on in leaps and bounds and is now a happy, friendly youngster. With your support we can reach other horses and ponies like Finley who are in need this winter – could you spare just a few pounds today to help them?

It’s not only large groups of unhandled horses who come into our Rescue and Rehoming Centres. We also see dangerously obese horses and ponies like Thruppence; poorly youngsters like Elf; and cases of severe neglect, like Clyde. With your support, we hope to give every one of these horses the chance to have a happy and healthy future. Will you give today to help horses in need this winter?

Help us end this suffering

It is critical we act now to end unnecessarily long journeys by 2027.


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