Tiny Olaf Rescued From a ‘Frozen’ Future

Young foal Olaf was separated from his mother too early and abandoned on land prone to flooding, left to fend for himself as freezing winter weather approached.

Posted on 19/01/2022

Tiny Olaf Rescued From a ‘Frozen’ Future

Thankfully, the landowners cared enough to get Olaf the help he needed, and they contacted us. When Field Officer, Chris Shaw, visited to assess the situation in early December 2021 it was clear that Olaf was very young indeed, just a few months old – and his situation was precarious with winter weather fast approaching.

Chris said:

“Despite being obviously nervous, Olaf repeatedly approached me, it was as if he didn’t want to be left on his own again. Happily, for him, the landowners took the appropriate action. This meant that when no-one came forward to claim him, Olaf was signed over into our care and ownership. He is now looking at a well-fed and cosy future rather than having to face a frozen, uncertain winter alone.”

Olaf arrived safely at Hall Farm Rescue and Rehoming Centre in Norfolk where he is now being looked after by an expert team, who will care for him until he is ready for rehoming.

Tiny Olaf, a black and white colt who is so small he barely reached Field Officer Chris’s waist, is lucky and now facing a secure future but, sadly, he won’t be the only one who needs our help in the coming months. Despite his diminutive size and youth Olaf has taken on the important role of being the face of our New Year Appeal as rescue and caring for the horses and ponies continues year-round.

Funds are tight at this time of year for everyone, but even a small donation will really make a difference and help give horses and ponies in need, like Olaf, a fresh start this year.

We care for and rehabilitate around 300 horses and ponies at any one time and each and every one of them, just like little Olaf, will need dedicated and costly care and rehabilitation before they are ready for rehoming.

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